Roger Moore and Dina Merrill!

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No worse than the fourth best James Bond (and maybe as high as second), but definitely the best Simon Templar (suck it, Val Kilmer and Vincent Price!), Roger Moore took it shaken not stirred for the last time today, at the age of 89! After a brief stint playing the fourth Maverick on the show of the same name (Beau, following Bret, Bart, and Brent), Moore was the criminal do-gooder Templar for ITV in the U.K. and rebroadcast on NBC throughout the 1960’s, his contract for which actually had him turn down playing Bond numerous times, before finally taking over for Sean Connery (and George Lazenby) in 1973. He played the role seven times (one more than Connery in the main series overall – tied if you count Never Say Never Again, which I guess we probably should), but some of those movies are pretty bad (we’re looking at you, Moonraker), and yet to a large segment of the population he is the quintessential James Bond – debonair, dashing, and witty, and the polar opposite of the current Jason Bourne-esque iteration. For my money, it’s Connery and Craig, then Moore, nearly tied with Lazenby and Brosnan, with Timothy Dalton, David Niven, Woody Allen, and Barry Nelson bringing up the rear. I’ve got the best Moore Bonds as The Spy Who Loved Me and Live and Let Die, but The Man with the Golden Gun and For Your Eyes Only are pretty solid, too.

(But seriously, get out of here with that Best Bond Ever talk – just because the man has died doesn’t all of a sudden erase Goldfinger, From Russia with Love, Dr. No, and Thunderball from existence. C’mon.)

Yesterday, actress Dina Merrill matriarch-ed her last upper class family squabble, at the age of 93! Merrill is best known for her roles as high society women, as well as a TV Batman villain, and of course slumming it a bit in Caddyshack II, as was everyone involved. Born into a family containing the heirs to Post cereal and the Woolworths department stores, Merrill naturally went into acting, appearing most memorably in Butterfield 8, Desk Set, Operation Petticoat, The Player, and The Sundowners, but may be better known to a sect of viewership for her two episode arc on Batman as Calamity Jan. Or maybe her appearances on such varied programs as Murder, She Wrote, Hawaii 5-0, Roseanne, or The Nanny. She had plenty of credits, is what I’m saying.

And after bouncing around teams for the full run of the pool, Eleven Year Man Roger Moore cashes out for Munchak, to the tune of 21 points! Moore was first drafted by Baxter in ’07, and jumped between Munchak (’08), Sam, Brandon, Kristen G., and Adam before finding his way back to Munchak this year. Kristen G. isn’t totally skunked though – her four year team member Merrill nabbed her 17 points today, moving her to the top of the Delver! Nice job, folks!

Replacement picks due by next Tuesday!

Powers Boothe!

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Sure, it’s only HBO’s third (maybe fourth) best drama from the era, but it’s easily the best TV western of all time (suck it, Bonanza!)

Actor Powers Boothe closed up business at the Bella Union this weekend, at the age of 68! Boothe’s lengthy career in film and television included such powerful psychopaths as Jim Jones in Guyana Tragedy, President Daniels on 24, Senator Roark in the Sin City movies, Gideon Malick in the Avengers universe, and White House Chief of Staff Alexander Haig in Nixon. But for me it’s his work in westerns that stands out, particular his Curly Bill in Tombstone and Bella Union owner/Al Swearengen rival Cy Tolliver on HBO’s Deadwood, long rumored to return in this current mania for revivals, but it’s eleven years and counting this summer. Let’s go, honchos!

And the Gardons net 42 big points on Boothe, jumping them from the cellar into the living room, if the first floor of your house has a pretty high ceiling! They aren’t upstairs, in the attic, or on the roof, but the climb is nonetheless significant! Ninth overall and fourth the hotly contested Holloway! Well done!

Replacement pick due by next Monday!

Yale Lary!

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No, not your Ivy League buddy Lawrence – Yale Lary! Pro Football Hall of Fame Safety and Punter Lary played his entire 11 year career with the Detroit Lions, making 9 Pro Bowls and winning three NFL Championships. He’s still third all-time for the Lions in career interceptions, with 50! He was later inducted into the Texas A&M Hall of Fame, as well the Texas and Michigan Sports Halls of Fame, and was elected to the Texas House of Representatives, as a Democrat no less! Huh!

And Rob is finally on the board here in 2017! These 24 points for good old Yale have Rob out of the basement in the Holloway, and make it the second division with all teams on the board! Nice job!

Incidentally, that only leaves three teams without points this year – newcomer Nick M., and the two scoreless teams from 2016 Eileen and Mike Walsh! Both are now seriously putting up streaks on the Time Between Deaths list – unless some retroactive points appear, Eileen has already smashed Mike M.’s record of 563 days, currently totaling 578, while Mike Walsh would be second all-time right now, sitting at 526! Incredible! But all streaks will end eventually, folks! Bound to happen!

Rob’s replacement pick due by next Friday!

Don Gordon!

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Death Pool legend!

Actor Don Gordon has been drafted for the last time, removed from the board at the age of 90! Gordon’s character actor career hit its zenith in the late ’60s/early ’70s, appearing in such notable films as Bullitt, Papillon, The Towering Inferno, and WUSA, but continued to make sporadic appearances into the ’90s. However, his real claim to fame in recent years was his role as everyone’s go-to pick in the late rounds of the Super Fantasy Death Pool draft, am I right? Anyone who has attended the draft to the end will surely remember how, in lieu of any more ideas once a few hundred names were off the board, most people would slip a ‘Don Gordon’ or two into their group of picks. It must be the general generic-ness of his name? Thanks for being there for us, Don Gordon!

Mike M. made the wise choice to make Don Gordon a keeper last year, thus ending the suspense of who might draft him first, and today pulls down the 20 points, moving him to within two of second place! Well done!

Replacement pick is due by next Monday!

Lorna Gray!

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Actress Lorna Gray changed her driver’s license for the last time this weekend, at the age of 99! Born Virginia Pound, she appeared in a number of shorts and bit roles under this name before adopting Lorna Gray with her contract for Columbia in 1938. As Gray, she popped up in her most memorable roles, including the Three Stooges shorts You Nazty Spy!, Oily to Bed, Oily to Rise and Three Sappy People, the Buster Keaton short Pest From the West, and leading the musical O, My Darling Clementine, not to be confused with the John Wayne western of three years later titled My Darling Clementine. Gray changed her name again in 1945, to Adrian Booth, which she was billed as until her retirement in the early ’50s. Pound/Gray/Booth, everyone!

And Sarah nabs her fifth death of the year to break the tie for first in that category! The 11 points on Gray give her a little breathing room in fourth, only two points shy of the century mark! Well done!

Replacement pick due by next Wednesday!

Robert Pirsig!

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Author and philosopher Robert Pirsig fixed up the old screaming night hog for the last time this week, at the age of 88! Starting out in the sciences, and then doing a brief stint in the Army, Pirsig taught in Montana and Chicago, picked up a master’s degree in journalism in Minnesota, and studied Eastern Philosophy and culture in India. His famous philosophical/semi-biographical novels came starting in the ’70s, with the huge bestseller Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry into Values published in 1974, followed by Lila: An Inquiry into Morals in 1991.

And Kristin M. has locked herself into the five-way tie for most deaths here in 2017! Her fourth, with 22 points on Pirsig, move her to the top of the Crystal and into fifth overall, tying her with the Buonins, Capone, Sarah, and myself, averaging a death a month so far this year. Nicely done!

Replacement pick due by next Wednesday!

Erin Moran!

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Actress Erin Moran rocked around the clock tonight for the last time yesterday, at the age of 56! Moran already had a solid child star career, appearing in two seasons of Daktari as well as guest shots on Family Affair, Death Valley Days, and The Waltons, when she was cast as Richie’s kid sister Joanie Cunningham on Happy Days. She co-starred for 10 of the 11 seasons of its huge run, only interrupted by that infamous year where Joanie Loved Chachi in ’82-’83. Her 239 Happy Days episodes only trail Mr. & Mrs. C and the Fonz, who appeared in all 255 from ’74 to ’84. Her career is a bit spotty and infrequent after that, as various troubles cropped up. But we’ll always have Happy Days – these days are yours and mine, happy days!

And it’s the commissioner pulling down the 54 points today for four-year team member Moran! This jumps me to the top of the Wright, and into second overall. Pretty solidly competitive year so far!

Replacement pick due by next Sunday!