Jimmy Breslin!

Man, the people of NYC really missed a big, wacky opportunity here!

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and author Jimmy Breslin beat his final deadline this weekend, at the age of 88! Breslin’s legendary status as a New York columnist was solidified through his years writing for The New York Daily News, The New York Herald Tribune  and Newsday, as well as his central role in the Son of Sam murders in 1977, being repeatedly contacted by the killer, David Berkowitz. Breslin famously ran for president of the New York City Council in partnership with Norman Mailer’s crackpot bid for mayor in 1969 – a fun, literary-based publicity stunt that would no doubt have succeeded today, given the current propensity for electing celebrities to office (they finished fourth in the Democratic primary). In addition to his newspaper columns, Breslin also authored a number of books, including the mob expose The Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight, which allegedly earned him a significant ass-whipping from mob figure Jimmy Burke, later portrayed by Robert DeNiro in Goodfellas!

And it’s the commissioner netting a second score of the year with my five-year team member Breslin, the 22 points moving me into fifth on the year!

Replacement pick is due by next Monday!


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