Jean Rouverol!

Screenwriter and actress Jean Rouverol refused to name names for the last time this weekend, at the age of 100! Rouverol appeared in a number of films in the 1930s, most notably W.C. Fields’ It’s a Gift and Stage Door, before transitioning full time to script writing. She and her husband (American Communist Party members) avoided subpoena from HUAC by moving the family to Mexico in the 50’s, becoming subsequently blackballed, during which time she continued to get scripts made through WGA friends. She would later serve on the Writer’s Guild’s board of directors, and was a head writer on Guiding Light for a time in the 70’s. Okay!

And Kristen G. lands a third death here in the early going of Eleven! These ten points move her up a bunch of spots toward the middle of the pack overall, and jump her up a place in the Delver! Nice work!


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