Don Rickles!

Mr. Warmth himself, Don Rickles, delivered his last withering put down to you dumb hockey pucks today, at the age of 90! Rickles nightclub routine consisted mainly of insults and jibes at the audience and the rich and famous alike, making him a favorite of Frank Sinatra and Johnny Carson, both of whom he would credit effusively for his lengthy career. His 100+ appearances on the Tonight Show sparked some of the show’s all-time classic moments, such as Johnny hurling him into a Japanese bath. His acting career stretched across seven decades, including roles both comedic and dramatic in such films and TV series as Casino, the Toy Story movies as Mr. Potato Head, Get Smart, The Larry Sanders Show, Murphy Brown, his starring role as C.P.O. Sharkey on NBC, and appearing opposite his best friend Bob Newhart on the latter’s second hit sitcom, Newhart. Here is a taste of his work from the Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts:

And the second longest tenured member on Munchak’s team kicks out 20 points today, after nine years on the squad! Only Monty Hall has been there longer. Rickles was taken in every draft – the fourth such person to leave us this year – and is Munchak’s first score of ’17, making the Wright the first division with everyone on the board! Only four folks left with zero! Exciting!

Replacement pick due by next Thursday!


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