Gregg Allman, Jim Bunning, and Zbigniew Brzezinski!

Happy Memorial Day, folks! Big holiday doings! A Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, a Hall of Fame baseball player and senator, and a former National Security Advisor all took advantage of the long weekend for the last time this year! Southern rock legend and former Cher paramour Gregg Allman was inducted to the Hall as part of the Allman Brothers Band in 1995, after decades of successes, break-ups, deaths, and comebacks. Their biggest hit, “Ramblin’ Man,” came out in ’73, and would appear forever after on classic rock stations and in television commercials.

Jim Bunning is the only the man elected to both the Baseball Hall of Fame and to the Senate, serving for 12 years as the junior Republican from Kentucky. His major league pitching career spanned 17 seasons and five teams, including nine years with the Tigers and six with the Phillies, going 224-184, and retired with the second most strikeouts in league history up to that time. A nine-time All Star, Bunning threw the first NL Perfect Game in 84 years in 1964, and was the first player to throw a no-hitter in both leagues.

Diplomat Zbigniew Brzezinski served in the Johnson and Carter administrations, as a counselor and adviser, and oversaw such international treaties as SALT II, the Camp David Accords, and the Torrijos-Carter Treaties concerning the Panama Canal. He also served as the NSA during the entire Iran Hostage Crisis, so…not as good marks there. He was the father of MSNBC Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski.

Rob picks up his second death in two weeks with Brzezinski, while the Gardons do similar work with Allman – a second in thirteen days. This moves the Gardons into fourth overall, but only to third in that powderkeg Holloway. Capone ties Sarah for most deaths this year with five (while also having the exact same number of points, too), good for fifth overall! Well done, folks!

Replacement picks are due by next Monday!


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