Elena Verdugo!

Actress Elena Verdugo makes it five days in a row here, assisting her last TV doctor and his patients today at the age of 92! Verdugo had a long career as a dancer and bit player in film, appearing in movies like House of Frankenstein, Cyrano de Bergerac, Tuna Clipper, and The Big Sombrero, before moving over almost exclusively to television. She is probably best known for her seven seasons on ABC’s Marcus Welby, M.D., the top rated show of 1970-71. She received two Emmy nominations and a Golden Globe nom for her work as Welby’s nurse/office manager Consuelo Lopez.

Verdugo bounced around five teams in her six drafted years, going from Sarah to Kristen G. to Bats to Sean before landing with the commissioner this year and checking out to the tune of 18 points, giving me some breathing room in second. This ties me with the Buonins, Sarah, and Capone for total deaths with five, further tightening up some already jammed standings. Intriguing year 5/12s of the way through!

Replacement pick due by next Wednesday!


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