A.R. Gurney!

Playwright A.R. Gurney formulated his last domestic squabble this week, at the age of 86! Albert Ramsdell Gurney knocked out a few dozen plays in his time, including the hugely popular (with audiences and with small amateur companies) Love Letters, The Dining Room, The Cocktail Hour, The Guest Lecturer, and Sylvia (not to be confused with Albee’s The Goat, or Who is Sylvia?, which itself should not be confused with Alfred’s Hogan’s Goat. Get your theater straight, chumps!). While his plays won numerous production awards, Gurney has surprisingly few personal awards – if that’s your measure of anything. The Dining Room was a Pulitzer finalist once upon a time, and Love Letters is like the easiest play to stage in the history of drama, thus making it wildly prevalent on calendars and schedules across the country, so that’s something.

Actual Cetta artifact! I know it doesn’t look like much!

For my part, I was in a production of The Dining Room in college, playing various parts, as that’s how the play is constructed, and as I recall, it was fine by any honest measure. Were you there? Add your recollections of my greatness in the comments!

And Kristin M. has taken the Crystal lead and jumped to fourth overall with her fifth death, 24 points for Gurney pushing her over 100 for the second straight year! Well done!

Replacement pick due by next Thursday!


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