Helmut Kohl and John G. Avildsen!

Special Saturday edition! Former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl and Oscar winning director John G. Avildsen beat the weekend traffic yesterday at ages 87 and 81, respectively! Kohl served as Chancellor of West Germany in the 1980s, and then in the big seat for the first eight years of the reunified country (a move he was largely credited with spearheading and guiding) beginning in 1990, overseeing the first democratic nationwide elections since the Nazis took power in 1933. His 16 total years as leader was the most since Otto von Bismarck in the late 1800s.

Avildsen won Best Director for the first Rocky in the hotly competitive 1976 Oscar season, over the likes of All the President’s Men’s Alan J. Pakula, Network’s Sidney Lumet, Face to Face’s Ingmar Bergman, and first woman director nominee Lina Wertmuller for Seven Beauties. His other films include such near-classics/solidly decent films as The Karate Kid (and II and III), Save the Tiger, Joe, Neighbors, and Rocky V. He was also interestingly fired as director in two other great 70s pictures – Serpico and Saturday Night Fever! Huh!

The Buonins keep their big roll going, picking up 23 points for Kohl, extending their overall points lead and giving them a full 7 to 5 edge in total deaths over five other teams! Kristen G. gets into that tie at 5 with 29 points for Avildsen, extending her lead in the Delver! Way to go, folks!

Replacement picks due by next Saturday!


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