Bill Dana and Venus Ramey!

One team – both deaths! Comedian Bill Dana and former Miss America Venus Ramey took their final bows this weekend, both at the age of 92! Dana is probably best known for his long running, somewhat racist Hispanic caricature Jose Jimenez, appearing on variety shows and sitcoms throughout the 1950s and 60s peddling schtick, including The Ed Sullivan Show, The Danny Thomas Show, and Batman, among others. He also wrote for television, and made various non-Jimenez appearances after he felt the character was a touch insensitive, most notably appearing on a bunch of Golden Girls episodes as Sophia’s brother Angelo.

Venus Ramey was the first redhead Miss America in 1944, the second Miss District of Columbia to win the title, and had a few combat planes named in her honor in WWII, as apparently that was the thing to do during the big war, and the mark of gigantic success for the women back home. Way to go! She parlayed this honor (Miss America, not bombing Germans) into some political activism, running for a few offices and taking up some personal causes, with varying degrees of success.

And yes, Kristin M. scored both deaths, giving her three in five days going back to A.R. Gurney on the 13th! This gives her seven total, tying her with the Buonins for most in 2017, and propels her up to third overall. Nicely done!

Replacement picks due by next Monday!


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