Mary Valastro and Gabe Pressman!

Reality TV star Mary Valastro and man-on-the-scene newscaster Gabe Pressman both bid the Garden State adieu this weekend, at age 69 and 93, respectively!

Valastro was the mother of TLC’s Cake Boss Buddy, and appeared in many of the early episodes of the show, set and filmed in Carlo’s Bake Shop in that paradise by the water – Hoboken, NJ. Allegedly this show is still in production, and has racked up some 230 episodes, even if it’s gotten a touch infrequent in recent years. TLC, as I always like to mention, at one time stood for The Learning Channel. Never forget.

A hunk a hunk of burning journalism

Pressman’s 70+ year news career saw him starting out eleven miles from Carlo’s Bake Shop, just across the Hackensack and Passaic Rivers in Newark, writing for the Evening News. His break came a few years later, landing a gig on the WNBC radio network and quickly transitioning to television, where he would popularize live on-site coverage of major events, such as the sinking of the Andrea Doria, 9/11, the assassination of Malcolm X, the Democratic National Convention of ’68 in Chicago, and Woodstock – later appearing in the epic documentary of the concert directed by Michael Wadleigh.

And five-year team member Valastro ices Sarah’s cake today, to the tune of 41 big points, jamming her into fourth overall and further bunching up the standings! Spots two through five are now separated by only 20 points! Not to be outdone, Capone jumps to sixth with his sixth death for Pressman, just on the outside of the leaderboard! Nicely done, folks!

Replacement picks due by next Sunday!


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