Barbara Marx Sinatra!

Zeppo and Barbara!

Ex-wife of both Herbert “Zeppo” and Francis Albert, Barbara Marx Sinatra ring-a-ding-dinged her last today, at the age of 90! A former model, Barbara married the fourth Marx Brother Zeppo in 1959, ultimately leaving him (more or less) for their Palm Springs neighbor, Ol’ Blue Eyes himself. She would be Frank’s last and longest marriage, #4 clocking in at a sturdy 22 years from 1976 to his death in ’98. That means, yes, Frank Sinatra could claim wives married previously or subsequently to a Marx Brother, Mickey Rooney, and Woody Allen. Weird! Also, Barbara vacates the roll of the living less than a month after her niece of the same age, Miriam, Zeppo’s older brother Groucho’s daughter. Huh!

Frank and Barbara!

And it’s the commissioner pulling down that second Marx family member tally in 26 days – Barbara’s 20 points pull me a bit closer to the wife in second place, and position well for another possible run at the title. Excitingly close year!

Also, Mike Walsh has joined Eileen with concurrent deathless streaks of 600+ days, which no one previously had claimed. Impressive resilience, folks! Never quit!

Replacement pick due by next Tuesday!


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