Ara Parseghian! And the Death Pool Lead Changes Hands!

Famed college football coach and broadcaster Ara Parseghian called his final audible today, at the age of 94! Parseghian is best known for his 11 seasons coaching the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, amassing 95 wins (third most in school history) and two national championships in 1966 and 1973. This followed a stretch of solid .500 coaching at Northwestern in the 50’s and 60’s, no mean feat then or now! Parseghian was also portrayed in the 1993 movie Rudy by Scranton native Jason Miller, who is featured prominently in my 2012 (oh my God, that was in 2012?!) novel Parade Day, still available on Amazon! And I swear, I’ll finish writing something else besides Death Pool posts soon!

And for the first time since February we’ve got a new leader! In what’s already been a big week for Sarah professionally, she now secures the even greater accomplishment of summiting the Death Pool leaderboard, eeking past the Buonins for the top spot with 16 points on Ten Year Man Parseghian! Ara bounced around a bit in our pool, spending two years on my team, two with Mike Walsh, and four of the last six with Sarah before cashing out. Well done!

Replacement pick due by next Wednesday!


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