Ty Hardin and Darren Daulton!

Actor Ty Hardin rode off into the sunset this weekend, while former major leaguer Darren Daulton got beamed up to the mothership, at ages 87 and 55, respectively! Hardin is best known for starring in the Cheyenne spin-off Bronco on ABC in the late ’50s and early ’60s. He wisely changed his name when wrangling Hollywood, as a cowboy actor named Orison Whipple Hungerford was likely to have a tough time breaking in.

Daulton played nearly his entire career catching with the Philadelphia Phillies, contributing mightily to the team’s 1993 World Series run, and becoming a three time All-Star to boot. He’d finally get a Series ring in his final year in the bigs, traded to the Marlins in ’97. His later life is fraught with madness, espousing wild beliefs and writing books on occultism and alien abduction – but is it really fair to say Dutch was crazy? Maybe he was just tapped into the ephemeral plane, and saw through the veil of planetary doublespeak to the hidden truths around us. Maybe Daulton knew the frequency while the rest of us are afraid to peak around that corner. Maybe the mysteries were leaping to unlock themselves to this former Phillies great, and it’s just easier for the rest of us to laugh off his conjecture and ignore the paranormal, fantastical conundrums he presented! Or maybe he was just kinda crocked in the last few years. Who knows! I for one am keeping the mind open!

And Kristin M. nails down a second death in four days with Hardin, her ninth of the year again tying Sarah for most overall. She also pulls within five points of third place, further narrowing the top of the leaderboard in this logjammed year. Kevin, on the other hand, scores his biggest death ever, tallying 55 points on Daulton and jumping to the top of the Delver! Well done, folks!

Replacement picks due by next Monday!


One Response to “Ty Hardin and Darren Daulton!”

  1. RIP Dutch!

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