Jerry Lewis, Dick Gregory, Brian Aldiss, and Bruce Forsyth!

Huge weekend! Lots of last minute death business for the Reaper before all the souls attempted to escape in the solar eclipse! As yet, I’ve heard no reports of the dead rising from their graves, so all points accrued up til now will remain with their respective teams.

Sal, Jerry Lewis, Johnny Fiama

Comedy legends Jerry Lewis and Dick Gregory delivered their final punchlines, amidst British entertainer Bruce Forsyth and Brit author Brian Aldiss! Ages 91, 84, 89, and 92, in the confusing order of the previous sentence! Lewis’s best work is undoubtedly the mountain of dough raised by his yearly telethon for Muscular Dystrophy – nearly $2.5 billion dollars, by MDA estimates. Outside of that, he made a bunch of movies, some of which were decent, many with Dean Martin, and somewhere along the way got labeled a genius, which has honestly always baffled me. Blaming the French!

Comedian and civil rights activist Gregory was the first black stand-up to cross over into white clubs, and did so without taming his material for the new audience. His numerous books and albums paved the way for everyone from Richard Pryor to Redd Foxx to Chris Rock, while also being a leading voice in the black power movement and an outspoken feminist. He ran unsuccessfully against Daley I for Chicago’s mayorship in 1967, and as a write-in candidate for president in ’68, nabbing over 47,000 votes! He also founded a somewhat dubious weight-loss products company, and believed some wacky conspiracy theories involving the moon landing and 9/11, but hey, I might question government approved stories too if I went though what he did.

Fozzie, Bruce Forsyth

Forsyth has been recognized by the Guinness Book as having the longest television career of any male entertainer, lasting over 75 years! He hosted many British television talk and game shows, including The Price is Right, The Generation Game, Strictly Come Dancing, and The Royal Variety Performance. Stateside he may (?) be best remembered for hosting a season one episode of The Muppet Show, which taped at Elstree Studios in Hertfordshire. Just me?

Prolific sci-fi author Aldiss won a Nebula Award and two Hugos in his day, as well as being inducted in the Science Fiction Hall of Fame and being named a Grand Master by the Science Fiction Writers of America. Plaudits! It’s hard to point to one definitive, best-known work universal work of his – maybe hardcore sci-fi nerds would know better – but for me, he authored the short story “Super-Toys Last All Summer Long,” which served as the basis for Stanley Kubrick’s last film project, left uncompleted at his death but finished two years later by Steven Spielberg as A.I. Artificial Intelligence in 2001.

Capone pulls a bit closer to the top five with Eleven Year Man Jerry Lewis, his eighth death, while Kristin M. leaps into third overall with Aldiss, making her the first person to reach double-digit deaths here in 2017! Nick M. and Sam both secured their second deaths of the year on Forsyth and Gregory, landing both in fourth in their respective divisions! Well done, everyone!

Replacement picks due by next Tuesday!


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