John Ashbery and Gastone Moschin!

Pulitzer Prize winning poet John Ashbery and big screen mob boss portrayer Gastone Moschin both opted for the long vacation this Labor Day weekend, at ages 90 and 88, respectively! Ashbery published extensively and was awarded often in his 60+ years in the poetry game, pulling down that Pulitzer, a National Book Award, a National Book Critics Circle Award, a couple of high-level fellowships, entry into a bunch of Halls of Fame, and a lot of poetry sound laurels, such as the Robert Frost Medal. Well versed, John!

Italian actor Moschin had a lengthy career in European cinema and television, often appearing in heavy character roles, winning a pair of Nastro d’Argento Best Supporting Actor awards in his career, however, he is best known to American audiences for his role as Don Fanucci in The Godfather Part II, famously gunned down by Robert DeNiro’s young Vito Corleone, his gun wrapped in a towel catching fire. Arrivederci, Don Fanucci!

And the top of the leaderboard has gotten a helluva lot tighter! Kristin M. nabs 20 on her league-leading 11th death to inch up to third, only 13 points back of the lead, while the commish scored 22 for Moschin and pulls within only six points Sarah at the top! Still plenty of pool left to go!

Replacement picks due by next Tuesday!


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