Hugh Hefner and Anne Jeffreys!

For good or ill, Hugh Hefner should be credited as one of the creators of modern society. He forever manipulated our perceptions of each other and ourselves by taking low grade smut and putting it in the mainstream, influencing everything from advertising to psychoanalysis, body issues to Girls Gone Wild, Snapchat filters to evaluating the First Lady’s ankles. Like Steve Jobs, Pete Rozelle, Mark Zuckerberg, Norman Lear, Ronald Reagan, Jefferson Davis, and Osama bin Laden, Hefner’s direct impact on our modern world can barely be measured, as we cannot possibly step back far enough to grasp its scope.

I would also like to add, maybe due to my decade plus involvement in this pool, but Hefner was one of the few celebrities I was generally convinced would live forever, along with Keith Richards, Jack Nicholson, Olivia de Havilland, Bill Murray, Lindsay Lohan, and Bill “Spaceman” Lee (by way of engineering another list of names). It just didn’t seem possible he could die, given the aura surrounding his exploits. And if polled, I believe the populace would either vote that Hefner lived the greatest life imaginable, was humanity’s finest example of magnanimity, or he was sort of a creep. I thought he had a pretty funny cameo in History of the World Part I, that’s as far as I’m willing to go.

Per his advance plans, Hefner will be buried in the Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery mausoleum, next to Marilyn Monroe.

Not to be minimized (but I only discovered this after writing the above), but actress Anne Jeffreys, to my knowledge, managed to go her whole life without appearing nude in a magazine, running it up to 94! The second big screen Tess Trueheart we lost this year (R.I.P. Glenne Headly!), Jeffreys appeared in two of the 1940’s Dick Tracy features and a number of other pictures before transitioning almost exclusively to television, appearing as a regular on Topper, General Hospital, and Falcon Crest. 

Eleven Year Man Hef bounced around six teams in the first six years of the pool, going from Brandon to Angie to Sean to Sam to Capone before landing with Jeff in 2012 and finding that forever home. These 19 points make Jeff the sixth person improving year over year this session, firmly getting him in the running for Most Improved while moving him to 11th overall. Kevin picked up his second death in two weeks with Jeffreys, extending his Delver lead and moving him to sixth overall. Nice job, guys!

Replacement picks due by next Thursday!


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