Monty Hall!

A landmark Death Pool event! Longtime Let’s Make a Deal host and DP legend Monty Hall chose door number three this weekend, at the age of 96! One of the most famous game show hosts ever, Hall navigated contestants through the diabolical machinations of Let’s Make a Deal for nearly 25 years, a program so insidious yet simple in design that the philosophical/mathematical logic puzzle “The Monty Hall problem” sprung from its run. Hall’s wife of 70 years, Marilyn, passed away four months ago – their daughter Joanna (Gleason) has won numerous theater awards, including a Tony for the original production of Into the Woods, and appeared as Dirk Diggler’s mother in 1997’s seminal porn epic Boogie Nights! Huh!

What makes Monty Hall such an interesting Death Pool figure is his position as the second person to survive ten years on the same team, while being the first to do this having not participated in every year of the pool. Undrafted in 2007 (as a mere 86 year old), Hall joined Munchak’s squad in ’08, where he would remain to the present day. Only Sarah’s Ten Year Man Gene Wilder lasted as long on the same team before cashing out. A bunch of people are set to join this active list next year, but as of now, the only 10+ year members of one team remaining are the notorious ODH, Olivia de Havilland (11 years, Sarah), Fats Domino (11, Joe), Joyce Randolph (10, Joe), and Stephen Hawking (10, Sam). To Monty!

“There’s a ground! There’s a ground, Monty!” (I admit I’m going pretty deep catalog here)

Replacement pick due by next Monday!


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