Jalal Talabani!

Former Iraqi president Jalal Talabani died of natural causes (not the most common thing for Iraqi leaders) today, at the age of 83! Talabani was the first leader elected following the 24 year reign of Saddam Hussein and multiple wars with Iran, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Spain, and Poland, among others, so relatively speaking, Talabani came in at a pretty good time in Iraq history. Was it a particularly fun nine year period that Talabani presided over? Hell no, it’s still Iraq, and that place remains the pits, but at least your Norman Schwarzkopfs and your Arthur Kents weren’t camped on the doorstep waiting for the bloody overthrow every minute of the day. So, congrats, Mr. Talabani!

Sam scores with her five year team member Talabani, these 27 points pulling her out of the basement of the Wright! Typically an avenger of terrorists, Nazis, and evil-doers, this is the rare time an Iraqi on Sam’s team wasn’t a mass murderer! Nice job!

Replacement pick due by next Tuesday!


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