Terry Downes!

Former British middleweight champion Terry Downes went to the scorecards for the last time today, at the age of 81! Downes quick six year career featured 49 fights, 35 wins, and ten months holding down the middleweight title from 1961 to ’62. He defeated future middleweight champ Joey Giardello in 1960, and long past it former champ Sugar Ray Robinson in ’62 – making him the second fighter to defeat Sugar Ray to die in the last three weeks, after Jake LaMotta. Both outlived Ray by some 28 years. Downes later life saw him pop up acting in minor roles, most memorably as the hunchback Koukol in Roman Polanski’s The Fearless Vampire Killers and appearing in Dudley Moore and Peter Cook’s brilliant sketch comedy series Not Only…But Also.

And the Skeides pick up their second of the year, their first since February’s murder of Kim Jong-nam! (Whoa, that looks way too excited) This more than doubles their total from last year and gives them their best year since their rookie 2012 campaign, moving them up to 11th overall (they have not finished higher than 18th in the past four years). Well done!

Replacement pick due by next Friday!


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