Richard Wilbur and Roy Dotrice!

Poet Richard Wilbur and actor Roy Dotrice kept us dead even (pun intended!) with 2016’s death total after putting up 190 years between them! Wilbur’s long list of awards for his ten volumes of poetry includes two Pulitzers 32 years apart, a National Book award, the Frost Medal, and was the Poet Laureate for two years in the 1980s. He also wrote the lyrics for Leonard Bernstein’s Candide, picking up a New York Drama Critics Circle and Outer Critics Circle award in 1974.

Dotrice’s lengthy film and stage career (following his WWII service in the RAF and spending three years in a German POW camp) included appearances on many sci-fi/fantasy shows, including Game of Thrones, Angel, Babylon 5, Sliders, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, and Space:1999, as well as voice work on Batman: The Animated Series, Spider-man, and performing all the audiobooks in the Song of Ice and Fire series. However, I find his wildly varied film career most interesting – in the same year, he played probably his best known role as Mozart’s father Leopold in Amadeus, winner of eight Academy Awards, released five months after his villainous turn as The Evil Fuckaire in Cheech and Chong’s The Corsican Brothers, which pretty much everyone agrees is their worst! What, you think it’s Things Are Tough All Over? Incorrect! That movie has some okay moments!

Best Halloween costume ever!

And the Delver snags both scores today, as Kevin extends his division lead and pulls closer to the top group with 16 points on Dotrice, while Kristen G. picks up 14 points on Wilbur, her sixth death of the year! Well done, folks!

Replacement picks due by next Tuesday!

And yes, on October 14th last year we’d tallied 102 deaths, and this October 14th we also had 102! It dramatically picked up from there to New Year’s in 2016, with 33 deaths in the last 11 weeks, so that it nearly tied 2015’s record total of 136, falling only one short. 2015 had 112 on 10/14, so will this year follow ’16’s hectic pace to close out the year, or the more average ’15 final quarter? Stay tuned!


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