John Hillerman and Liz Smith!

Emmy winner John Hillerman and gossip columnist Liz Smith finally cracked our epic collective dry spell this weekend, at ages 84 and 94, respectively!

Hillerman is best known for his work as Higgins on CBS’s long running island detective show Magnum P.I., opposite Tom Selleck’s awesome mustache. Hillerman picked up four Emmy nominations and five Golden Globe noms for the role, winning one of each. He also appeared in a number of acclaimed early 70’s movies, including The Last Picture Show, Chinatown, Paper Moon, High Plains Drifter, and Blazing Saddles (“Dr. Samuel Johnson’s right about Olson Johnson being right!”).

Smith’s columns appeared in the big New York newspapers and were syndicated across the country. She’d work at one time or another for Newsday, The Washington Post, New York Daily News, The New York Post, Candid Camera, Cosmopolitan, Sports Illustrated, Fox & Friends, and The Staten Island Advance, among others. The popularity of her column led to television work and wide fame, including winning an Emmy for WNBC’s Live at Five. 

And the moves high up on the leaderboard have recommenced! Kristin M. jumps to third with the 26 points for Hillerman, while Kevin becomes the seventh person to crack the double century mark this year, tying 2017 with last year for most teams reaching this milestone. Well done!

Replacement picks due by next Monday!


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