June Rowlands and Dick Enberg!

After a fifteen day lull in action here, things have started picking up entering the Christmas weekend. Always seems to happen! Former Toronto mayor June Rowlands and legendary sportscaster Dick Enberg beat the holiday traffic yesterday, at ages 93 and 82, respectively! Rowlands was the first woman elected mayor of Canada’s biggest city, serving from 1991 to 1994, after years spent toiling on city councils and in alderman positions. Way to persevere! Enberg’s lengthy career included calling eight Super Bowls, three Olympics, Wimbledons, Masters, MLB on NBC, Notre Dame football, UCLA basketball, San Diego Padres games, and much more. Oh my!

And Sarah manages to still make this a contest, picking up 17 points on Rowlands, moving within 55 of the lead. Look, with only nine days to go, I know it’s unlikely, but it’s not impossible by any stretch – we’ve had six deaths this year scoring 55+! Could happen! Meanwhile, Bats continues to have a great season, crushing his previous high in points and tying his most deaths, picking up 28 with Enberg and solidifying his spot ninth overall. Well done!

Replacement picks due next Friday!

Also, KEEPERS ARE DUE TOMORROW. I’ll email stragglers!


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