Rose Marie!

Actress/comedienne Rose Marie delivered her final punchline yesterday, at the age of 94! Nominated for three Emmys for her work as comedy writer Sally Rogers on The Dick Van Dyke Show, Marie’s career stretched across ten decades, starting in vaudeville when she was three years old with her father Frank Curley, before breaking into radio, at age five! She appeared in a number of shorts and features as Baby Rose Marie, and even recorded a hit record in 1932 with “Say That You Were Teasing Me,” making her the last living recording artist to chart a record before World War II! Her varied career also saw her on Broadway, in Top Banana with Phil Silvers, doing voice work on the Garfield animated show as recently as 2013, and portraying the mothers of both Frank Fontana (Murphy Brown) and Roy Biggins (Wings) in the 1990s.

And Munchak picks up his sixth death of the year, his most since 2011, and cracks 100 points for the fourth time, nabbing 16 for his eight-year team member Marie and moving to third in the Wright! This is the third person he had on the team for eight or more years to depart in 2017, after Don Rickles and Monty Hall. Solid commitment!

Still nailing down the draft date, but the weekend of the 12th sounds like it works for the majority of people, so assume it will be around then. Thanks, folks!


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