Rayya Elias! Death Pool Year Twelve is Underway!

Welcome back, folks! That was a brief hiatus! Such is the nature of our never-ending, never-pausing competitive venture. Jumping right back in with both feet – singer/author Rayya Elias penned her farewell yesterday, at the age of 57! Her memoir, Harley Loco, recounts her adventures moving to America from the Middle East as a child, and getting into the New York music/hair dressing scene, which I don’t believe was all one thing, but maybe? Her album – also Harley Loco – is available on Spotify, and begs the question – shouldn’t all books have soundtracks? It’s about time, right? I’m no composer, but I think Parade Day could’ve benefited from an accompanying disc of Irish drinking songs and improv ballads performed by yours truly. To the lab!

And Sarah, two-time champion and frequent silver medal winner in recent years, comes out guns blazing in 2018, picking up 53 big points here pre-draft with her keeper Elias! This is the first time she scored the first death of the pool since 2011, when Sargent Shriver bid farewell to the Kennedy clan. Nicely done!

Pre-draft death replacement picks don’t come until after the draft and mistake picks, so it’ll be some time.


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