Pre-Draft Deaths! John Young and Jerry Van Dyke!

The points in the Wright keep piling up, as astronaut John Young and actor Jerry Van Dyke added to the early tallies here, still six days before the rest of the picks get made! Commander of the Apollo 16 mission, Young became the ninth person to walk on the moon in 1972, one of only twelve Americans total, five of which still survive. He’s also the third to die in the last three years. Yipe! Van Dyke is best known for his run as assistant coach Luther Van Dam for nine seasons on ABC’s Coach, for which he garnered four Emmy nominations, but let’s not forget his early work, playing Rob Petrie’s brother on The Dick Van Dyke Show, opposite his real life brother, and starring in NBC’s seminal treatise on reincarnation, 1965’s My Mother the Car.

And yes, the Wright Division is three for three so far this year, with Sean picking up 23 points for Young (his ’11, ’16-’18 team member, with stays for Michele, Kevin, and Mike M. in between) and Munchak receiving 24 points on Van Dyke (a six year team member, including ’07 and the last five years, bouncing between Capone, Bomba, and Bats in between). Well done!

Replacement picks will come later!


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