Stansfield Turner and Dorothy Malone!

The 94-year-old former head of the CIA and the 92-year-old Oscar winning star of Written on the Wind couldn’t wait for the draft to officially end this week! Stansfield Turner was an admiral in the Navy before being named director of Central Intelligence by Jimmy Carter in 1977, and was instrumental in the later declassified saga of ex-filtrating Americans from Iran in 1980, earning himself a portrayal by the great Philip Baker Hall in 2012’s Best Picture winner, Argo. And byway of an acrobatic segway, Dorothy Malone took home her statue some 56 years prior, for her role in Douglas Sirk’s Texas oil drama. Up until that point, her career was full of cameos and bit parts, including popping up in The Big Sleep and the Ronald Reagan western Law & Order, but thanks to the Oscar bump, she landed roles in more notable works, like Peyton Place, Rich Man, Poor Man, and as Hazel Dobkins in Basic Instinct, her final film performance.

Also, Stansfield was born in Highland Park, while Dorothy was born in Chicago – huh! To my knowledge, they never dated.

Sean is already halfway to his 2017 death total, snagging his second for Turner and moving to second overall, while Bats lands his inaugural score of the year with his six-year team member Malone. Well done, fellas!

Replacement picks are coming soon, I promise!


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