Mort Walker!

Cartoonist Mort Walker drew his last sight gag this weekend, at the age of 94! After selling some comics in college and working for Hallmark and the Saturday Evening Post, Walker created his most famous strip, Beetle Bailey, in 1950, which at its peak appeared in 50 countries to a readership of 200+ million every day. Walker worked on this strip for the next seven decades, as well as its very successful and also currently running spin-off Hi and Lois. Show of hands – was everyone aware Hi and Lois spun off from Beetle Bailey? Beetle is Lois’s brother! Huh! I guess I never read these close enough to pick up on it. Interesting!

And Mike M. scores his first of the year, 16 points for Walker getting him on the board. Nicely done!

Replacement picks still to come!


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