John Gavin and Vic Damone!

Former Screen Actors Guild president John Gavin and wildly popular crooner Vic Damone narrowly missed out on huge roles awarded to other actors for the last time this weekend, at age 86 and 89, respectively! Gavin’s later political work, as Ambassador to Mexico under Hollywood pal Ronald Reagan, did little to overshadow his solid film resume, appearing in such classics and near-classics as Spartacus (as Julius Caesar, no less!), Psycho (as Sam Loomis, no less!), and Thoroughly Modern Millie (but not as Millie!). Damone had a string of top ten hits, including “I Have But One Heart,” “You’re Breaking My Heart,” “My Heart Cries For You,” “Here in My Heart,” and other non-cardiac related tunes. He also appeared in a few movies and TV shows, the only one I can recall seeing is the TV adaptation of A Christmas Carol filmed as part of The Alcoa Hour titled The Stingiest Man in Town, starring Basil Rathbone as Scrooge, and Damone as the younger version of this same Scrooge. It’s fine. Damone and Gavin famously both almost landed huge movie roles in the early 1970s – Damone passing on the part of the Johnny Fontane in The Godfather (supposedly due to his friendship with Sinatra), and Gavin being passed over at the last minute to play James Bond in Diamonds are Forever (upon George Lazenby’s backing out) and again two years later for Live and Let Die (when the producers decided they didn’t want a yankee in the role). Ah, what could have been!

And Kristin M. is on the board for the first time this year, scoring 24 points for almost-Bond, while Bats picks up his second score in as many months, 21 points for almost-Fontane! Nice work, folks!

All picks are in! The call for replacements will go out today!


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