Marty Allen!

Comedian Marty Allen said hello dere for the last time yesterday, at the age of 95! As a member of numerous comedy teams – most notably Allen & Rossi with Steve Rossi, Marty made thousands of live appearances and hundreds of guest shots on game shows, dramas, and sitcoms, including Hollywood Squares, Password, The Big Valley, Benson, and The Super Mario Bros Super Show! He also popped up in many films, made for TV and theatrical, such as Cannonball Run II and my favorite movie sub-genre, films with titles that double as sentences, in Murder Can Hurt You! He continued performing live, touring and in Las Vegas, right up to this year, with his co-star and wife, singer Karon Blackwell. His catchphrase, “Hello Dere,” served as the name of various tours, specials, and events Allen performed in for virtually his entire career.

And Sarah is off to an incredible start, nabbing her fourth death in six weeks and hitting triple digits already, for the ninth year in a row! Nicely done!

Replacement picks will be due next Tuesday, for everybody! Emailing now!


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