Lassie Lou Ahern!

Our Gang’s all here! Fast Company (1924)

Early Our Gang child actress Lassie Lou Ahern palled around with Sunshine Sammy and friends for the last time this weekend, at the age of 97! Ahern was the last surviving member of the silent, Pathé version of Hal Roach’s kid comedies of the 1920’s/30’s/40’s, appearing in a handful of shorts opposite the likes of popular Our Gang-ers Farina, Pineapple, Mary Komman, and Dinah the Mule – this was years before some of the better known characters came into the group, such as Spanky, Stymie, and Alfalfa. Ahern’s appearances stretch as far back as Derby Day, the 19th short released in November of 1923! 95th anniversary viewing party at my place this fall! She continued acting in bit parts into the 1940’s, in films such as Uncle Tom’s Cabin and Gaslight, before a multi-decade hiatus broken by guest shots on shows like Love, American Style and The Odd Couple in the ’70s. Nice longevity, Lassie Lou!

And Team Dondos pulls down their third of the year so far – 13 points on Ahern moving into a points tie for third! Nicely done!

Replacement pick due by next Monday!


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