Rev. Billy Graham!

12 Year Man and all-around holy mouthpiece, the Reverend Billy Graham inquired as to whether you’d heard the good news for the last time today, at the ripe old age of 99! Not to be confused with wrestling legend Superstar Billy Graham (or any other wrestler for that matter), the reverend was arguably the most successful and most popular televangelist of the 20th century, wrangling the ear of presidents and world leaders, while dropping the atomic elbow of righteousness right into the solar plexus of ne’er-do-wells. His longevity and reach influenced thousands in attendance, and millions around the world, creating a legion of new disciples, a regular Novitiate World Order, or NWO, if you will. And even though religion can be a sticky subject, and, you know, tends to ruin a lot of daily life for the religious and non-religious alike, I think he meant well?

And Capone is the final stop on Rev. Graham’s Death Pool crusade! A full 12 year figure in our pool, Graham bounced between many teams in his run – Angie in ’07 & ’08, the commissioner’s team in ’09, Munchak in ’10, Denis for a year, three more with Angie’s combo Buonins team, and one with Jason, before landing at Capone’s doorstep with the good news in hand in 2016. Eleven points is eleven points for Capone’s first score of the year! Well done!

Replacement pick is due by next Wednesday!


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