Tom Benson! Huge Record Setting Death!

NFL and NBA team owner Tom Benson hoisted his final championship trophy today, at the age of 90! After making a stadium load of dough from automotive & bank deals, Benson snapped up the legendarily unsuccessful New Orleans Saints in 1985, and despite trying to move the franchise numerous times and weathering Hurricane Katrina nearly flattening the Superdome, he finally got that Lombardi at Super Bowl XLIV! He also owns the New Orleans Pelicans, who have not been as successful. Not yet, anyway.

But really, to the main point here, Eileen scores her first death in roughly two and a half years! Who would’ve thought that Joan Leslie’s demise in October of 2015 would kick off the greatest dry spell in Death Pool history? Remember, Eileen actually had three deaths that year – after three straight years of single scores only. Things were looking up! And now, finally, in her seventh year of competition, Eileen snags her seventh death all time! This is the earliest in a year that Eileen has gotten a death (beating her triple shot ’15 team by five days), so that bodes well. Also, this death lands her squarely in the middle of pack, ahead of eleven teams this year. My excitement knows no bounds!

The other person undoubtedly relieved by today’s news is Mike Walsh, previous holder of the Longest Stretch Without a Death record – his 717 days of itself is 140+ days longer than the prior record holder, Mike M. But Eileen’s massive 885 day run is unlikely to ever be matched. Hell, I’ll be amazed if it’s ever seriously rivaled. This is DiMaggio’s hitting streak. This is UCLA’s titles in the 60’s and 70’s. This is The Daily Show‘s Emmy wins. The next current active streak? It’s only 209 days! That’s right, Eileen’s run was over four times as long as the next closest team! Incredible.

I’m going to go celebrate if no one else is. You’ll be telling your grandkids about this day, I promise. I’m going to go home and high five all my fish.

Replacement pick is due by next Thursday!



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