Winnie Madikizela-Mandela!

Former first lady of South Africa, anti-apartheid activist, and quite possibly the most beloved world figure who was stridently pro-torture, Winnie Madikizela-Mandela gave up the fight today, at the age of 81! Look, South Africa in the second half of the 20th century was undoubtedly a living nightmare for everyone unfortunate enough to reside there, and I’m not going to judge people for what they did to combat the racist regime running that place. Still, Winnie made some choices. And maybe it was all to justify the ends, who’s to say, but man, her resume features pretty harsh crimes. Like, Nelson was convicted of some trumped up nonsense to overthrow the rotten government, but he didn’t do time for kidnapping, or was accused of masterminding murders, or intimidating witnesses, or gave speeches about how burning people alive was a solid course of action. Winnie was by all accounts pretty ruthless. But again, who am I to say what was right or wrong in the context of that time and place? Sure, strapping flaming tires around someone’s neck and letting them slowly roast until well overdone doesn’t sound like a sensible way to deal with pretty much anybody, but I don’t think sensible action springs from as lousy a place as South Africa in the 20th century. So…take the good with the bad?

And the Skeides notch their first score of 2018! 29 points on Winnie move them up to second in the Holloway. It’s been an odd run for the Skeides in their seven years of Death Pooling. Their rookie campaign of 2012 saw them hang up a dozen deaths and land in third overall, but since then they’ve only had eight deaths total over the last six years! That is some kind of sophomore, junior, senior, super senior, mail room clerk slump! Does Winnie usher in a new era for the team from the southern tier? We’ll see! Well done!

Replacement pick due by next Monday!


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