Barbara Bush!

Former First Lady Barbara Bush is bound for immortality in College Station, TX today, wrapping up her days at the age of 92! Bush joined a list previously occupied by only Abigail Adams as wife and mother to presidents, with 41 and 43 serving from ’89-’93 and ’01 to ’09, respectively. She also served as Second Lady from ’81 to ’89 during H.W.’s tenure as Vice President under Reagan. An extraordinarily friendly figure, it is posited in her biography that she was a more popular First Lady than predecessor Nancy or successor Hillary, mainly due to her position of not taking risky stances on issues. This is certainly up for debate, as Nancy and Hillary were undoubtedly more loved by their supporters, and probably more hated by their detractors, than Barbara, who people largely never got a feel for. So…maybe this is the way to handle it, if your aim is to be a comforting, stable figure in as frequently a chaotic place as the White House.

I can 100% guarantee that I’ll visit her grave someday, at the George Bush Presidential Library in College Station. Mark it down!

And Munchak finally cashes out on nine-year team member Barbara, 18 points propelling him over 100 in consecutive years for the first time ever, and secure him his best year total since 2015, here in April. Well done!

Replacement pick due by next Wednesday!


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