Paul Junger Witt and Michael Anderson!

Behind the camera titans Paul Junger Witt and Michael Anderson called it a wrap this weekend, at the ages of 77 and 98, respectively! TV and film producer Witt was responsible for bringing us such varied small screen projects as The Golden Girls, Brian’s Song, Soap, two different Beauty and the Beast series, Empty Nest, Blossom, The Partridge Family, It’s a Living, and Benson, as well as features likes Three Kings, Insomnia, Final Analysis, Mixed Nuts, and Dead Poets Society, which earned him an Oscar nomination and a BAFTA for Best Picture. Not to be confused with Twin Peaks’ Man From Another Place, Anderson was also Oscar nominated, for directing 1956 Best Picture winner Around the World in 80 Days, but this success did not translate into the type of opportunities one would expect. His tendency to gravitate to action/sci-fi projects gave us Logan’s Run, the 1956 version of 1984, Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze, Orca, The Dam Busters, and TV films/miniseries The Martian Chronicles and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. His influence to science fiction doesn’t end here – his stepdaughter is none other than Marita Covarrubias herself, Laurie Holden!

Ten year man Anderson finally cashed out for Bats, his fifth death giving him some breathing room in third overall, while Munchak’s impressive 2018 continues with his fifth, 33 points for Witt helping to close the gap a bit in the chase for the lead! Well done, guys!

Replacement picks due by next Monday!


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