Margot Kidder, Chuck Knox, and Tom Wolfe!

Three longtime Death Pool figures left us this week, with the departures of actress Margot Kidder, football coach Chuck Knox, and author Tom Wolfe! Kidder’s career included roles in semi horror classics The Amityville Horror and Black Christmas, but come on, she will forever be remembered opposite Christopher Reeve’s Superman as the only good Lois Lane to ever appear on screen anywhere. Yeah, you heard me, Noel Neill! Suck it, Kate Bosworth! Longtime NFL coach Knox took eleven teams to the playoffs across his stints with the Rams, Bills, and Seahawks from ’73 to ’94. His 193 career wins place him 10th all time among NFL head coaches. Wolfe put together a solid career as a journalist and non-fiction book writer, with such acclaimed and famous works as The Right Stuff and The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test, before writing a handful of gigantic novels, most notably The Bonfire of the Vanities.

These three were drafted a combined 26 times in our pool history, with Kidder leading the way as a Ten Year Man. Oddly, all three spent more time on a different team than the one who cashed them out – Kidder’s 41 points going to the Buonins, after spending 2010-2015 with Munchak; Five of Knox’s seven years in the league were spent with Capone, but punted 24 points to the Gardons today; and Wolfe spent at least a year on five different teams, but was with Adam five times (’08, ’12, ’14-’16) before winding up with Kristin M. today, giving her 22 points. The Buonins jump to third with their third death, while Kristin and the Gardons move to seventh and eighth, respectively. Well done, all!

Replacement picks due by next Tuesday!


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