Alan Bean and John DiFronzo!


Astronaut Alan Bean and reputed Chicago mob boss John DiFronzo are both sleeping with the angels this week, at the ages of 86 and 89, respectively! A member of the Apollo 12 mission, Bean was only preceded foot down on the lunar surface by Neil & Buzz four months prior, and Pete Conrad by a few minutes. Bean famously destroyed their color television camera by pointing it at the sun just as the moonwalk portion began, thus ending any broadcast capabilities. He was portrayed by Dave Foley in the HBO miniseries From the Earth to the Moon! Not bad! John “No Nose” DiFronzo did in fact possess a nose, but had a piece sliced off during a burglary, which was later reattached. He was allegedly the last in a line of bosses of the Chicago Outfit that includes such criminal luminaries as Al Capone, Jim Colosimo, Frank Nitti, and Sam Giancana. Unlike many of his predecessors, however, DiFronzo managed to avoid lengthy stretches of jailtime or a violent death, so that’s gotta be considered a win in his line of work!

Sean’s third death of the year moves him into seventh overall, as the 24 points for Bean push him over 1,000 for his career. This makes Sean the ninth person to reach this milestone in pool history, and is the seventh active team at this mark. For your reference, if you’re interested, here are the teams that have tallied 1,000 points, and their current standings all-time:

Sarah – 2,756 points, 96 deaths

Joe – 2,554 points, 91 deaths

Sam – 1,683 points, 52 deaths

Capone – 1,633 points, 66 deaths

Munchak – 1,396 points, 57 deaths

Kristen G. (inactive team) – 1,293 points, 71 deaths

Adam (inactive team) – 1,214 points, 46 deaths

Kosmala – 1,209 points, 47 deaths

Sean – 1,010 points, 49 deaths

The next closest active player to reaching 1,000 is Kristin M., with 813 points, and who picked up the other death, 21 points for DiFronzo moving her to sixth overall! Well done, folks!

Replacement picks due by next Wednesday!


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