Robert Mandan, William Edward Phipps, and Dwight Clark!

Actors Robert Mandan and William Edward Phipps and football player Dwight Clark created some separation in the standings here today, at the ages of 86, 96, and 61, respectively! Mandan (who died back in April, but word has just gotten around) is best remembered for his role as the philandering Chester Tate on Soap, but appeared on numerous shows in the ’70, ’80s, and ’90s, including opposite his Soap spouse Katherine Helmond on a few episodes of Who’s the Boss? Phipps most famously was the speaking voice of Prince Charming in Disney’s 1950 animated Cinderella, but also popped up in a bunch of westerns and science-fiction yarns of the day, including War of the Worlds, Cat-Women on the Moon, and Fort Algiers. 49ers tight end Clark won two Super Bowl rings catching passes from Joe Montana in the early ’80s, and was a two-time pro bowler, leading the league in receptions in 1982, but he will forever be remembered for being on the receiving end of “The Catch,” which won the Niners the NFC Championship Game to go to their first Super Bowl in January of ’82. The team retired his #87 in 1988.

Mandan represents Kristin’s fourth death in 28 days, and fifth overall, which move her to fourth place, only prevented from the bronze medal position by the Buonins, who leap into third with the 49 big points for Clark, only a handful of points out of second! But it’s also Sarah nabbing a ridiculous tenth death in just over five months on Phipps, extending her lead even farther, and continuing her on course to rampaging victory. And yet! There are nearly seven full months left to play, and if she can pile up these sort of numbers in only five, who’s to say someone else can’t as well! Chins up, folks! Well done, teams!

The Catch

Replacement picks due by next Tuesday!


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