Yeah, Koko! That chimp’s all right. High five!

Obviously no points are awarded, but here’s a bit of Death Pool trivia even most of the lifers in the contest might not know. In the original Golden Age Death Pool – operated from 2006 to 2008, which served as the test model for this, the Silver Age pool, if you will – we had one year where you could draft famous animals. It’s true! Points were awarded based on average animal life expectancy minus the animal’s age when it died. As you can probably guess, this quickly became a near impossible statistic to calculate, as I couldn’t find a consensus opinion on the life expectancy of anything. So this was quietly abandoned after that single test balloon season.

There’s today’s bit of Death Pool lore! If my memory serves correct, the only animal to actually die and award points was the 2006 Kentucky Derby winner Barbaro, who I want to say might’ve been on Kosmala’s team, ten and a half years ago. Time marches on!


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