Tab Hunter!

Actor/singer Tab Hunter saw the end credits roll this week, at the age of 86! Starting as a figure skater before joining the Coast Guard, Hunter had a string of small roles starting in the early ’50s, but was a huge star by decade’s end, thanks to parts in films such as Battle Cry, The Sea Chase, The Burning Hills, and Damn Yankees. He also had a string of hit songs in this time, including “Ninety-Nine Ways,” “In Apple Blossom Time,” and the #1 hit “Young Love” in 1957. After this peak period, he maintained a steady career, crossing back and forth between TV and films, appearing in Grease 2, Polyester, The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean, The Tab Hunter Show, Benson, The Six Million Dollar Man, and more. Tab Arthur Andrew Kelm Gelien Hunter, everybody!

And Sam nabs her third death of the year, moving her to third in the Wright, with 24 points on Hunter. Tab bounced around quite a bit in his seven drafted years, starting with Kosmala in ’12, the commish in ’13 and again in ’17, Rob in ’14 and ’15, and Kevin in ’16, before coming to Sam this year. Well done!

Replacement pick due by next Monday!


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