Adrian Cronauer!

Former Air Force sergeant and disc jockey Adrian Cronauer dragged the Southeast Asia fighting men out of bed for the last time this week, at the age of 79! Cronauer’s time spent in armed services radio became the basis for the 1987 movie Good Morning, Vietnam, for which Robin Williams received his first Oscar nomination, second Grammy, and second of five Golden Globe awards. While much of the performance was improvised, Cronauer’s story provided the basic backbone of the plot, even if that too was a bit exaggerated for film purposes, by all accounts. He later spent time as a stateside classical radio host and got his JD, practicing law up until disbarment in recent years.

And Jeff finally gets in the game, scoring his first death since Hef nearly ten months ago! 31 points for Cronauer keep him out of last in the Crystal (named after frequent Robin Williams collaborator Billy!), and leaves newcomer Ryan as the only scoreless team here in 2018. It’s a bit of a tradition for new players to have that rough rookie season! Jeff, however, is up to 15th with the one score! Nicely done!

Replacement pick due by next Thursday!


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