Peter Donat!

Donat (left) aged young for a flashback with an epic hairdo’d Smoking Man!

Actor Peter Donat trusted no one for the last time last week, at the age of 90! Nephew of Academy Award winner Robert, Donat’s lengthy TV and film career stretched from Kraft Theater and Robert Montgomery Presents shows in the early ’50s straight through to playing that ticking time-bomb of insanity Spooky Mulder’s dad (or was he??) on the early seasons of The X-Files. In between, he appeared in such luminary productions as The Godfather Part Two, The China Syndrome, School Ties, F.I.S.T., Mannix, Rich Man Poor Man Book II, and Dallas. Bill Mulder, everybody!

And Kristin M. snaps one of her longer dry spells in recent memory at 86 days, picking up 20 points for Donat and giving herself some breathing room in fifth overall. Well done!

Replacement pick due by next Monday!


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