Robert Venturi and Dennis Norden!

A pair of Death Pool staples picked the same week to hitch on that chariot to the great beyond, as architect Robert Venturi and BBC writer and personality Dennis Norden departed at ages 93 and 96, respectively! Philadelphia native Venturi has a bunch of structures in the city, including the Vanna Venturi House, the Guild House, and the Perelman Quadrangle at the University of Pennsylvania, but don’t think that Cheesesteak City is the only place to see his work – he also designed the Sainsbury Wing of the National Gallery in London! Nice! I’m sure London native Norden must’ve seen that wing at least once! Norden’s BBC work included scripts for the radio programme Take it From Here and Whack-O!, before becoming a panelist and presenter for game shows and retrospective programs. His long running comedy outtakes show It’ll Be Alright ran in one form or another on ITV for nearly 40 years. 

And Dondos scores both deaths one day apart this week, adding 31 points and jumping back into the top five! Well done!

Replacement picks are due by next Wednesday!

Note: I’m away until next Tuesday, so if any deaths take place in the meantime, there will be no updates before then. Stay tuned!


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