Wajima Hiroshi and Alex Spanos!

Whenever there are two deaths in the same post, I like to try and find a picture of these people together (I’m not sure I’ve ever successfully done this though). However, I’m confident today’s subjects ran in different circles, as Japanese sumo wrestler Wajima Hiroshi and billionaire California businessman Alex Spanos are nonetheless splitting a cab uptown today, at ages 70 and 95, respectively! Hiroshi’s sumo career rose in the early ’70s, the pinnacle of which was his being named yokosuna in 1973, the 54th in the sport’s history, which stretches back into the 1700s. And you thought the Philadelphia Phillies had been around a long time! Real estate titan Spanos is better known to the world at large as the owner of the San Diego/Los Angeles Chargers in the NFL, his amassing of which began with 60% in 1984 and continued to grow until he owned virtually the entire club – 97% as of 2016. In all that time, while the club’s valuation grew, its number of Super Bowl trophies remained a steady zero.

Not Spanos finest moment

Bats picks up his seventh death of the year on Hiroshi, propelling him over 100 points for the fourth time in five years, while Kristin M. cracks 200 for the third year running with the 15 points on Spanos! Well done!

Replacement picks due by next Wednesday!


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