James Karen!

Actor James Karen battled his last zombie ghoul this week, at the age of 94! The pride of Wilkes Barre, PA (shoutout to my alma mater, Wilkes U.!), Karen’s epic filmography totals over 200 credits, including such classics, near-classics, and schlock as Poltergeist, Wall Street, The China Syndrome, Nixon, Apt Pupil, Revenge of the Nerds IV, and Hercules in New York. He also popped up in tons of TV shows, perhaps most notably as Larry’s agent Sheldon on The Larry Sanders Show. Coincidentally, I just watched a Karen film last week – the seminal zombie comedy Return of the Living Dead, so as to be prepared for Munchak’s podcast covering the film – be sure to listen to ReconCinemation wherever podcasts are heard! Shameless plug!

And Dondos scores 16 points on Karen – their 15th big death of the year – to move up to fourth overall, and pull within shooting distance of the Total Deaths lead. Good luck!

Replacement pick due by next Thursday!


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