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Keith Jackson!

Posted in Uncategorized on January 15, 2018 by joecetta

Whoa, Nellie! Famed broadcaster Keith Jackson called his final game winning touchdown this weekend, at the age of 89! To many, Jackson was the voice of college football, calling games first on the radio in the early 1950s before transitioning into television, working for ABC in a variety of other sports for over forty years – as the first play-by-play man on Monday Night Football, manning ten Summer and Winter Olympic broadcasts, working three World Series and three All-Star games for the MLB, covering many different events for Wide World of Sports, leading all major USFL telecasts in the ’80s – but the college game was his bread and butter. Working the game of the week, and many Sugar and Rose Bowls, Jackson piled up over fifty years of college games before his final retirement in 2006. In addition to his famed “Whoa, Nellie!” call, Jackson is also credited with nicknaming the University of Michigan’s Stadium “The Big House”! Huh!

And the Gardons nabbed the fifth and final pre-draft death, scoring 21 points for Jackson! Well done!

Replacement picks are still a ways off!

I’m contacting folks now for all the remaining picks. Get names ready, those with picks! You basically know who you are!


Edgar Ray Killen! Another Pre-Draft Death!

Posted in Uncategorized on January 12, 2018 by joecetta

Former pastor and KKK leader Edgar Ray Killen dove into the fiery depths today, at the age of 92! Originally released by an all-white hung jury in 1966, because that’s Mississippi, Killen would eventually be found guilty of manslaughter in 2005 and sentenced to 60 years in prison for the murders of three civil rights activists – Andrew Goodman, James Chaney, and Michael Schwerner – during the Freedom Summer campaign of 1964, trying to register African Americans to vote. In fairness, that same jury did convict seven members of the conspiracy – almost half! – none of whom spent more than six years in jail subsequently. It wasn’t until reporter Jerry Mitchell was inspired by the 1988 film Mississippi Burning (based largely on the murders) to delve into old civil rights murders, which led to convictions against Bobby Cherry for the Birmingham church bombing in ’63, Sam Bowers for orchestrating the murder of Vernon Dahmer, Killen, and Byron de la Beckwith for the murder of Medgar Evers. Like de la Beckwith before him, Killen died in prison. Today’s not a bad day.

And Sarah scores a second pre-draft death, picking up 18 points for Killen and extending an already decent lead! Nicely done!

Replacement picks are still pretty far down the road!

The draft is the day after tomorrow, folks! Get those picks ready to go!

Pre-Draft Deaths! John Young and Jerry Van Dyke!

Posted in Uncategorized on January 8, 2018 by joecetta

The points in the Wright keep piling up, as astronaut John Young and actor Jerry Van Dyke added to the early tallies here, still six days before the rest of the picks get made! Commander of the Apollo 16 mission, Young became the ninth person to walk on the moon in 1972, one of only twelve Americans total, five of which still survive. He’s also the third to die in the last three years. Yipe! Van Dyke is best known for his run as assistant coach Luther Van Dam for nine seasons on ABC’s Coach, for which he garnered four Emmy nominations, but let’s not forget his early work, playing Rob Petrie’s brother on The Dick Van Dyke Show, opposite his real life brother, and starring in NBC’s seminal treatise on reincarnation, 1965’s My Mother the Car.

And yes, the Wright Division is three for three so far this year, with Sean picking up 23 points for Young (his ’11, ’16-’18 team member, with stays for Michele, Kevin, and Mike M. in between) and Munchak receiving 24 points on Van Dyke (a six year team member, including ’07 and the last five years, bouncing between Capone, Bomba, and Bats in between). Well done!

Replacement picks will come later!

Rayya Elias! Death Pool Year Twelve is Underway!

Posted in Uncategorized on January 5, 2018 by joecetta

Welcome back, folks! That was a brief hiatus! Such is the nature of our never-ending, never-pausing competitive venture. Jumping right back in with both feet – singer/author Rayya Elias penned her farewell yesterday, at the age of 57! Her memoir, Harley Loco, recounts her adventures moving to America from the Middle East as a child, and getting into the New York music/hair dressing scene, which I don’t believe was all one thing, but maybe? Her album – also Harley Loco – is available on Spotify, and begs the question – shouldn’t all books have soundtracks? It’s about time, right? I’m no composer, but I think Parade Day could’ve benefited from an accompanying disc of Irish drinking songs and improv ballads performed by yours truly. To the lab!

And Sarah, two-time champion and frequent silver medal winner in recent years, comes out guns blazing in 2018, picking up 53 big points here pre-draft with her keeper Elias! This is the first time she scored the first death of the pool since 2011, when Sargent Shriver bid farewell to the Kennedy clan. Nicely done!

Pre-draft death replacement picks don’t come until after the draft and mistake picks, so it’ll be some time.

Rose Marie!

Posted in Uncategorized on December 29, 2017 by joecetta

Actress/comedienne Rose Marie delivered her final punchline yesterday, at the age of 94! Nominated for three Emmys for her work as comedy writer Sally Rogers on The Dick Van Dyke Show, Marie’s career stretched across ten decades, starting in vaudeville when she was three years old with her father Frank Curley, before breaking into radio, at age five! She appeared in a number of shorts and features as Baby Rose Marie, and even recorded a hit record in 1932 with “Say That You Were Teasing Me,” making her the last living recording artist to chart a record before World War II! Her varied career also saw her on Broadway, in Top Banana with Phil Silvers, doing voice work on the Garfield animated show as recently as 2013, and portraying the mothers of both Frank Fontana (Murphy Brown) and Roy Biggins (Wings) in the 1990s.

And Munchak picks up his sixth death of the year, his most since 2011, and cracks 100 points for the fourth time, nabbing 16 for his eight-year team member Marie and moving to third in the Wright! This is the third person he had on the team for eight or more years to depart in 2017, after Don Rickles and Monty Hall. Solid commitment!

Still nailing down the draft date, but the weekend of the 12th sounds like it works for the majority of people, so assume it will be around then. Thanks, folks!

Irv Weinstein!

Posted in Uncategorized on December 26, 2017 by joecetta

Buffalo newscaster Irv Weinstein signed off WKBW for the last time today, at the age of 87! Rumored to be the inspiration for a number of fictional newsmen, including Eugene Levy’s Earl Camembert and Jim Carrey’s Bruce Almighty, Irv’s broadcast for the ABC affiliate was hugely successful in the Buffalo/Southern Ontario region, with his trademark style and commentary influencing other broadcasts and Hollywood portrayals. He is purported to have coined the phrase “It’s eleven o’clock – do you know where your children are?” Huh! And if we want to drill down to even more local levels, he used to broadcast alongside former WNEP newsman Nolan Johannes! Way to go, Buffalo-Scranton connections! (For those not aware, Sarah was born in Buffalo, while I was born in Scranton. Double huh!)

And Sam snatches a fourth score for the year here late in the game, jumping up to third in the Wright! Nicely done!

Heather Menzies!

Posted in Uncategorized on December 26, 2017 by joecetta

Well, I’m afraid that’s probably it in the race for the 2017 championship in this Death Pool. The hills are a little less alive today, as actress Heather Menzies escaped ahead of the holidays, at the age of 68! Menzies is best known for her role as the third Von Trapp child Louisa in 1965’s Best Picture winner The Sound of Music, which for five years held down the title of Highest Grossing Movie of All Time, squarely between Gone with the Wind and Gone with the Wind when it was re-released in 1971. Menzies film appearances were few, having a more robust TV career in the 60s and 70s, popping up in Dragnet, Marcus Welby, Bonanza, The Bob Newhart Show, S.W.A.T., and Barnaby Jones, in addition to co-starring in the short-lived small screen adaptation of Logan’s Run. She had been married to actor Robert Urich from 1975 to his death in 2002.

Menzies held down a spot on the commissioner’s team the past few years and checked out Christmas Eve to the tune of 42 points, giving me my all-time high in points and fairly well salting away Year Eleven. I’m sorry, folks, three months ago it sure looked like we were headed for a different outcome. Better luck in Year Twelve!