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Bonnie Guitar and Carol Channing!

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Country singer Bonnie Guitar and Tony winner Carol Channing took their final bows this week, at ages 95 and 97, respectively! Guitar charted a dozen songs on the country charts in the 1950s and ’60s, and was one of the first crossover successes to the pop charts, along with Patsy Cline, with songs like “Dark Moon” and “Mister Fire Eyes.” She landed dozens of albums on the country Top 100, and continued to perform into her 90s! Speaking of performing into her 90s, Carol Channing’s seven decade career spanned legendary work on stage in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, The Vamp, and her signature Tony winning role in Hello, Dolly! She made an easy transition to films and television, receiving a Golden Globe and a Best Supporting Actress Oscar nomination for Thoroughly Modern Millie in 1967, and popping up on variety specials and game shows for years to come. Her most memorable work for me might be in the bizarro cult ’60s musical/comedy Skidoo, as hitman Jackie Gleason’s wife, and co-starring Groucho Marx in his final film role as a pseudo-gangster named God. Carol sings the title number, dressed like this:

It’s bonkers

Sarah is getting right back to work in 2019 with her first death, picking up 15 points for Guitar, while the Buonins score the first Thirteen-Year-Man ever with Channing, drafted every year since we started the Silver Age pool back in 2007. Channing bounced around a little, starting on Michael’s team in ’07-’08, to Sarah in ’09, Munchak in ’10-’11, Eileen next for four years, then Adam in ’16, before finding her way back to Michael on team Buonin in ’17. Quite the journey!


Mean Gene Okerlund and Bob Einstein!

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The 2019 Death Pool kicks off with a pretty terrible day for 76-year-old white guys, as longtime wrestling announcer Mean Gene Okerlund and comedian Bob Einstein (not to mention Captain & Tennille singer Daryl Dragon) barely had any chance to celebrate the New Year this week, and yes, all at the age of 76! For many of my generation, Okerlund was the voice of wrestling we grew up with, alongside Gorilla Monsoon, Bobby the Brain Heenan, and a few others. As I recall, his was the only non-wrestler/manager action figure I had, and I’m pretty sure I still stuck him into a few Royal Rumbles anyway. Einstein is probably better remembered to a certain audience as his inept Evel Knievel persona Super Dave Osborne (which was indeed the way he was named on the list), which he performed on various late night shows and specials for decades, but he would also make memorable turns in recent years as Funkhouser on Curb Your Enthusiasm and Larry Middleman on season three of Arrested Development. He was the older brother of actor/director Albert Brooks.

Dondos picks right up where they left off in ’18, but with a comparatively large scoring death on Okerlund, but it’s 2018 rookie Ryan who finally gets in the game today after scoring no points in his entire first season. Day two! 34 points! His 367 days until his first death is the second longest run in history, only behind Sam, who took 460 days for a first tally back in 2008-2009. Also, as something that might only be interesting to me – these deaths on the same day for the same score mean that we have an ultra rare tie for the lead. In the twelve-plus years we’ve been doing this, we’ve only ever had a tie for the lead once before, for six days in 2014, between Sarah and Sean. Isn’t that amazing?

I’m also pretty sure this is the first time someone has taken a pool lead with their first death since at least 2010, when Gaz scored the first two deaths of the pool in his rookie (and ultimately only) year. Huh!

2019 Keepers

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Aleandro Norma Bats
Alpert Herb Bats
Andretti Mario Bats
Avalon Frankie Bats
Bailey F Lee Bats
Baker Ginger Bats
Bardot Brigitte Bats
Beck Aaron T. Bats
Beck Jeff Bats
Bellino Joe Bats
Berkoff Steven Bats
Bilardo Carlos Bats
Blake Robert Bats
Boone Pat Bats
Burdon Eric Bats
Caine Michael Bats
Cardin Pierre Bats
Caron Leslie Bats
Chaney John Bats
Clark Petula Bats
Clary Robert Bats
Corman Roger Bats
Daltry Roger Bats
Densmore John Bats
Dickinson Angie Bats
Duvall Robert Bats
Eden Barbara Bats
Ferlinghetti Lawrence Bats
Finney Albert Bats
Franzese John Sonny Bats
Fry Hayden Bats
Grant Lee Bats
Hackman Gene Bats
Johnson Charley Bats
Kaukonen Jorma Bats
King Larry Bats
Ladd Diane Bats
Lewis Jerry Lee Bats
Lynn Betty Bats
McGuinn Roger Bats
Morricone Ennio Bats
Newmar Julie Bats
Novak Kim Bats
Rather Dan Bats
Samwell-Smith Paul Bats
Shula Don Bats
Tyson Cicely Bats
Unser Bobby Bats
Wallace Lee Bats
Woodward Joanne Bats
Adler Jerry Buonins
Barker Bob Buonins
Blatter Sepp Buonins
Blyth Ann Buonins
Channing Carol Buonins
Cleary Beverly Buonins
Cussler Clive Buonins
Dukakis Kitty Buonins
Dussault Nancy Buonins
Duvall Shelley Buonins
Frankland Noble Buonins
Giscard d’Estaing Valery Buonins
Goodall Jane Buonins
Green Tim Buonins
Greene Shecky Buonins
Hamilton Scott Buonins
Harper Valerie Buonins
Hiriart Lucia Buonins
Hyland Sarah Buonins
Jodorowsky Alejandro Buonins
Kiick Jim Buonins
Lange Artie Buonins
LaRouche Lyndon Buonins
Lesh Phil Buonins
Lloyd Norman Buonins
Lydon Jimmy Buonins
Lynn Vera Buonins
Maddox Mark Buonins
Maharis George Buonins
Maki Fumihiko Buonins
Marchetti Gino Buonins
Marcos Imelda Buonins
Messina Jo Dee Buonins
Mortensen Chris Buonins
Piccoli Michel Buonins
Quaas Johanna Buonins
Queen Elizabeth II Buonins
Quessenberry David Buonins
Shaw Tim Buonins
Skerritt Tom Buonins
Stallone Jackie Buonins
Stiles Nobby Buonins
Versace Donatella Buonins
Wagner Robert Buonins
Wildenstein Jocelyn Buonins
Wilson Richard Buonins
Wolff Lester Buonins
Wouk Herman Buonins
Yeager Chuck Buonins
Zohn Ethan Buonins
Aldren Buzz Capone
Amos John Capone
Angelos Peter Capone
Bacharach Burt Capone
Belafonte Harry Capone
Bennett Tony Capone
Blix Hans Capone
Bowden Bobby Capone
Conrad Robert Capone
Conyers John Capone
Cousy Bob Capone
Crosby Norm Capone
Dennehy Brian Capone
Donner Richard Capone
Downs Hugh Capone
Duncan Charles Capone
Ford Whitey Capone
Gelman Larry Capone
Gordy Barry Capone
Greenspan Alan Capone
Gulager Clu Capone
Halas McCaskey Virginia Capone
Harris Jake Capone
Heater Claude Capone
Holbrook Hal Capone
Hong James Capone
Ivory James Capone
Jones Quincy Capone
Larsen Don Capone
Lasorda Tommy Capone
Linden Hal Capone
Little Richard Capone
Lockhart June Capone
Mayweather Roger Capone
Miller Dick Capone
Newcombe Don Capone
Poitier Sidney Capone
Pope Benedict XVI Capone
Randi James Capone
Roberts Jake the Snake Capone
Robertson Pat Capone
Ross Marion Capone
Scantlin Wes Capone
Scully Vin Capone
Sheridan Liz Capone
Shultz George Capone
Turnbull Bill Capone
von Sydow Max Capone
Warren Lorraine Capone
Westheimer Dr. Ruth Capone
Abraham Farrah Dondos
Abu-Jamal Mumia Dondos
Asner Ed Dondos
Ballantine Betty Dondos
Bly Robert Dondos
Bohm Gottfried Dondos
Bothe Herta Dondos
Boyd Alan Dondos
Carey Diana Serra Dondos
Chakiris George Dondos
Chambers Anne Cox Dondos
Champion Marge Dondos
Danz Luise Dondos
de Cuellar Javier Perez Dondos
Emshwiller Carol Dondos
Hall Joe B. Dondos
Hall Scott Dondos
Hart Bret the Hitman Dondos
Hunt Marsha Dondos
Johnson Jimmy Earl Dondos
Kanjorski Paul Dondos
Lawler Jerry the King Dondos
Leachman Cloris Dondos
Lipton James Dondos
Luft Lorna Dondos
MacLeod Gavin Dondos
McGuire Christine Dondos
McGuire Phyllis Dondos
Mercier Sheila Dondos
Morganthau Robert Dondos
Okerlund Mean Gene Dondos
Paige Janis Dondos
Patera Ken Dondos
Pavlow Muriel Dondos
Race Harley Dondos
Reeves Martha Dondos
Reiner Carl Dondos
Riklis Meshulam Dondos
Roche Kevin Dondos
Rush Barbara Dondos
Smith Jack Bullas Dondos
Sobell Morton Dondos
Stahl Nick Dondos
Stamp Terence Dondos
Stevens John Paul Dondos
Talley Darryl Dondos
Turkel Joe Dondos
Van Dyke Dick Dondos
Yiannopoulos Milo Dondos
Allen Woody Eileen
Allred Gloria Eileen
Andrews Julie Eileen
Armani Giorgio Eileen
Barton Mischa Eileen
Belushi Jim Eileen
Bergen Candice Eileen
Branson Richard Eileen
Buffett Jimmy Eileen
Buffett Warren Eileen
Bush Laura Eileen
Cher Eileen
Clinton Bill Eileen
Close Glenn Eileen
Cyrus Miley Eileen
Dench Judi Eileen
Gibson Mel Eileen
Grammer Kelsey Eileen
Grylls Bear Eileen
Haskins Dennis Eileen
Herman Pee Wee Eileen
Hogan Hulk Eileen
Hopkins Anthony Eileen
Idol Billy Eileen
Jenner Bruce/Caitlyn Eileen
Jenner Kris Eileen
Kissinger Henry Eileen
Lloyd Christopher Eileen
Lohan Lindsey Eileen
Manilow Barry Eileen
Odom Lamar Eileen
Pence Mike Eileen
Philbin Regis Eileen
Powell Colin Eileen
Reid Tara Eileen
Rodriguez Michelle Eileen
Sanders Bernie Eileen
Sanz Horatio Eileen
Sessions Jeff Eileen
Shatner William Eileen
Simmons Gene Eileen
Steinem Gloria Eileen
Stewart Rod Eileen
Streep Meryl Eileen
Tambor Jeffrey Eileen
Thornton Billy Bob Eileen
Travolta John Eileen
Trump Ivanka Eileen
Trump Tiffany Eileen
Voight Jon Eileen
Archibald Nate Gardons
Bean Orson Gardons
Brown Jim Gardons
Carew Rod Gardons
Cheney Dick Gardons
Collins Phil Gardons
Curry Tim Gardons
Diamond Neil Gardons
Douglas Kirk Gardons
Dykstra Lenny Gardons
Dylan Bob Gardons
Fakir Abdul Duke Gardons
Garr Teri Gardons
Geist Bill Gardons
Ginsberg Ruth Bader Gardons
Griffin Archie Gardons
Harrison Dwight Gardons
Havlicek John Gardons
Hirono Mazie Gardons
Jabbar Kareem Abdul Gardons
James Clive Gardons
Janis Conrad Gardons
Jeanneret Rick Gardons
Johnson Holly Gardons
Jones Terry Gardons
King Don Gardons
Kruk John Gardons
Locklear Heather Gardons
Lynn Loretta Gardons
Mason Jackie Gardons
McVie John Gardons
Minnelli Liza Gardons
Mitchell Joni Gardons
Moore Sam Gardons
Morgan Joe Gardons
Nelson Willie Gardons
O’Connor Sandra Day Gardons
Remy Jerry Gardons
Robinson Frank Gardons
Rossington Gary Gardons
Russell Bill Gardons
Slick Grace Gardons
Sorvino Paul Gardons
Spector Phil Gardons
Starr Bart Gardons
Sternhagen Frances Gardons
Storch Larry Gardons
Tipton Glenn Gardons
Welch Jack Gardons
Wood Ronnie Gardons
Arkin Alan Jeff
Bassey Shirley Jeff
Benjamin Richard Jeff
Benvenuti Nino Jeff
Blessed Brian Jeff
Bluth Don Jeff
Bonacelli Paolo Jeff
Bouton Jim Jeff
Brickman Marshall Jeff
Brimley Wilford Jeff
Brown Jerry Jeff
Burstyn Ellen Jeff
Butler Jerry Jeff
Cannon Freddy Jeff
Cariou Len Jeff
Devane William Jeff
Dullea Keir Jeff
Eastwood Clint Jeff
Eggar Samantha Jeff
Elizando Hector Jeff
Goddard Mark Jeff
Gossett Jr. Louis Jeff
Gotti Peter Jeff
Greer Germaine Jeff
Hagon Garrick Jeff
Haig Sid Jeff
Hamilton George Jeff
Harrison Richard Jeff
Hedren Tippi Jeff
Heinz Kerry Teresa Jeff
Hudson Hugh Jeff
Johncock Gordon Jeff
Jones Gwyneth Jeff
Kotto Yaphet Jeff
Kristofferson Kris Jeff
Lavin Linda Jeff
Lazenby George Jeff
Lester Tom Jeff
Lo Bianco Tony Jeff
Lopez Trini Jeff
Lugosi Jr. Bela Jeff
Martin Pepper Jeff
McGuire Barry Jeff
McNally Terrence Jeff
Morrissey Paul Jeff
Mullavey Greg Jeff
Murdoch Rupert Jeff
Scott Ridley Jeff
Scott Willard Jeff
Staples Pervis Jeff
Beetlejuice Joe
Bremer Arthur Joe
Brock Lou Joe
Brooks Mel Joe
Campbell Maia Joe
Campbell Vivian Joe
Carter Jimmy Joe
Chase Barrie Joe
Clapton Eric Joe
Coleman Norm Joe
Connery Sean Joe
Dale Dick Joe
Day Doris Joe
Donen Stanley Joe
Drozdov Darren Joe
Eklund Dicky Joe
Fromme Squeaky Joe
Gleason Steve Joe
Henry Buck Joe
Kaczynski Ted Joe
Kelly Jim Joe
Kilburn Terry Joe
Liddy G Gordon Joe
Lollabrigida Gina Joe
Louise Tina Joe
Lunden Joan Joe
Mays Willie Joe
Mixon Jerod Joe
Moore Sara Jane Joe
Moore Tedde Joe
Oswald Porter Marina Joe
Parkinson Gary Joe
Patton Virginia Joe
Persoff Nehemiah Joe
Prowse David Joe
Randolph Joyce Joe
Rimmer Shane Joe
Roach Freddie Joe
Rubik Erno Joe
Saint Eva Marie Joe
Severinsen Doc Joe
Shimazaki Yukiko Joe
Sondheim Stephen Joe
Starr Ringo Joe
Stempel Herb Joe
Steve-O Joe
Title Stacy Joe
Weinstein Harvey Joe
Wells Dawn Joe
Wertmuller Lina Joe
Bergman Marilyn Kristin M.
Bisoglio Val Kristin M.
Blaine Hal Kristin M.
Brook Peter Kristin M.
Brown Robert Kristin M.
Burke Jr. Jack Kristin M.
Butterfield Alexander Kristin M.
Carnesecca Lou Kristin M.
Chomsky Noam Kristin M.
Constantine Michael Kristin M.
Dahl Arlene Kristin M.
Dennison Jo-Carroll Kristin M.
Dent Frederick Kristin M.
Dinkins David Kristin M.
Edgerton David Kristin M.
Fyfe Robert Kristin M.
Gibson Hutton Kristin M.
Gilot Francoise Kristin M.
Goalby Bob Kristin M.
Gorodischer Angelica Kristin M.
Hitchcock Patricia Kristin M.
Kirby Bruce Kristin M.
Laine Cleo Kristin M.
Lerner Ted Kristin M.
Lorenz Eduard Kristin M.
Macy Bill Kristin M.
Maranne Andre Kristin M.
Morgan Jane Kristin M.
Moss Stirling Kristin M.
Olson Nancy Kristin M.
Papas Irene Kristin M.
Pearce Donn Kristin M.
Pei I.M. Kristin M.
Perel Solomon Kristin M.
Phillips Leslie Kristin M.
Plowright Joan Kristin M.
Prince Harold Kristin M.
Raspail Jean Kristin M.
Riva Maria Kristin M.
Silva Henry Kristin M.
Stewart Peggy Kristin M.
Storm Tempest Kristin M.
Van Doran Charles Kristin M.
von Bulow Claus Kristin M.
Wagner-Lafferentz Verena Kristin M.
Whitman Stuart Kristin M.
Wiseman Mac Kristin M.
Withers Jane Kristin M.
Zamir Zvi Kristin M.
Admoni Nahum Mike M.
Ames Ed Mike M.
Anderson Ole Mike M.
Angell Roger Mike M.
Backlund Bob Mike M.
Bernstein Walter Mike M.
Brooks Albert Mike M.
Clinton George Mike M.
Davis Willie Mike M.
Delvecchio Alex Mike M.
Drucker Mort Mike M.
Emperor Akihito Mike M.
Farrakhan Louis Mike M.
Fatu Rikishi Mike M.
Flair Ric Mike M.
Funk Jr. Dory Mike M.
Hedison David Mike M.
Herzog Whitey Mike M.
Hilton Barron Mike M.
Holliman Earl Mike M.
Iglesias Gabriel Mike M.
Jeremy Ron Mike M.
Jordan Tom Mike M.
Kaline Al Mike M.
Kowalski Stanislaw Mike M.
Lacy Preston Mike M.
Lansbury Angela Mike M.
McMahon Vince Mike M.
Mills Bill Mike M.
Mondale Walter Mike M.
Mutombo Dikembe Mike M.
Orton Cowboy Bob Mike M.
Pepitone Joe Mike M.
Perot H. Ross Mike M.
Perry Gaylord Mike M.
Pistone Joe Mike M.
Pope Francis I Mike M.
Seagal Steven Mike M.
Sixx Nikki Mike M.
Stallone Sylvester Mike M.
Steiner Scott Mike M.
Sterling Donald Mike M.
Stiller Jerry Mike M.
Teutel Sr. Paul Mike M.
The Great Khali Mike M.
Thornton William Mike M.
Vitale Dick Mike M.
Walsh Joe Mike M.
Ware Koko B. Mike M.
Wee Man Mike M.
Al-Kaissie Adnan Mike Walsh
Bach Richard Mike Walsh
Baer Jr. Max Mike Walsh
Barbutti Pete Mike Walsh
Bart Peter Mike Walsh
Blount Mel Mike Walsh
Blue Vida Mike Walsh
Boorman John Mike Walsh
Brown Johnny Mike Walsh
Bulifant Joyce Mike Walsh
Bundy King Kong Mike Walsh
Bushwick Bill Mike Walsh
Butterbean Mike Walsh
Byrnes Edd Mike Walsh
Camp Jesse Mike Walsh
Carroll Diahann Mike Walsh
Cepeda Orlando Mike Walsh
Collins Bootsy Mike Walsh
D’Amato Al Mike Walsh
D’Amico Jackie the Nose Mike Walsh
Dern Bruce Mike Walsh
Dishy Bob Mike Walsh
Dolan Larry Mike Walsh
Dole Elizabeth Mike Walsh
Doumanian Jean Mike Walsh
Dr. Dre Mike Walsh
Duggan Hacksaw Jim Mike Walsh
Elia Lee Mike Walsh
Fogle Jared Mike Walsh
Foster Norman Mike Walsh
Foyt AJ Mike Walsh
Gibson Julie Mike Walsh
Hancock Herbie Mike Walsh
Harris Rolf Mike Walsh
Haynes Billy Jack Mike Walsh
Louis-Dreyfus Julia Mike Walsh
MacGowan Shane Mike Walsh
Muresan Gheorghe Mike Walsh
Murray Brian Doyle Mike Walsh
Nassar Larry Mike Walsh
One Man Gang Mike Walsh
Rigg Diana Mike Walsh
Ruddy Albert S. Mike Walsh
Spivey Danny Mike Walsh
Swit Loretta Mike Walsh
Vincent Jan Michael Mike Walsh
Wendt George Mike Walsh
Whibley Deryck Mike Walsh
Will George Mike Walsh
Abraham F. Murray Nick M.
Adler Lou Nick M.
Andress Ursula Nick M.
Baker Joe Don Nick M.
Baryshnikov Mikhail Nick M.
Benedict Dirk Nick M.
Chong Tommy Nick M.
Coleman Dabney Nick M.
Collins Joan Nick M.
Davidson John Nick M.
Douglas Michael Nick M.
Dreyfuss Richard Nick M.
Glover John Nick M.
Harris Estelle Nick M.
Hogan Paul Nick M.
Hunt Linda Nick M.
Huston Angelica Nick M.
Jacobi Derek Nick M.
Jones Jerry Nick M.
Jones John Paul Nick M.
Keillor Garrison Nick M.
Kennedy Tom Nick M.
LuPone Patti Nick M.
Marshall Frank Nick M.
McGill Bruce Nick M.
Moonves Leslie Nick M.
Noble John Nick M.
Pryce Jonathan Nick M.
Puck Wolfgang Nick M.
Reed Rex Nick M.
Reitman Ivan Nick M.
Roberts Nora Nick M.
Robertson George R. Nick M.
Rushdie Salmon Nick M.
Rydell Bobby Nick M.
Salkind Ilya Nick M.
Sedaka Neil Nick M.
Struthers Sally Nick M.
Struycken Carel Nick M.
Trudeau Garry Nick M.
Tune Tommy Nick M.
Turner Ted Nick M.
Vinton Bobby Nick M.
von Furstenberg Diane Nick M.
Ward Fred Nick M.
Warren Leslie Ann Nick M.
Welch Raquel Nick M.
Woodward Bob Nick M.
Zabriskie Grace Nick M.
Aames Willie Rob
Abrahams Jim Rob
Adams Cindy Rob
Adams Maud Rob
Adderley Herb Rob
Adjani Isabelle Rob
Ad-Rock Rob
Aikman Troy Rob
Akers Fred Rob
Albright Madeleine Rob
Alda Alan Rob
Alexander Lamar Rob
Alexander Leslie Rob
Allen Marcus Rob
Al-Maliki Nouri Rob
al-Sadr Muqtada Rob
Alworth Lance Rob
Amanpour Christiane Rob
Anderson Anthony Rob
Anderson Ken Rob
Angel Criss Rob
Anka Paul Rob
Anthony Casey Rob
Applegate Christina Rob
Aprea John Rob
Armstrong Lance Rob
Arnaz Lucy Rob
Arnaz Jr. Desi Rob
Arpaio Joe Rob
Arquette David Rob
Arroyo Miss Rob
Arthur Carol Rob
Ashley Brooke Rob
Atkins Eileen Rob
Attenborough David Rob
Atwood Margaret Rob
Baker Diane Rob
Baldacci David Rob
Bambaataa Afrika Rob
Barger Sonny Rob
Barney Lem Rob
Barr Douglas Rob
Baxter Jeff Skunk Rob
Beard Frank Rob
Bedelia Bonnie Rob
Bell Bobby Rob
Berlusconi Silvio Rob
Bethea Elvin Rob
Blackman Honor Rob
Blair B. Brian Rob
Anderson Loni Ryan
Anderson Pamela Ryan
Ann-Margret Ryan
Beatty Warren Ryan
Beefcake Brutus the Barber Ryan
Brown Hubie Ryan
C.K. Louis Ryan
Canseco Jose Ryan
Cedric the Entertainer Ryan
Charo Ryan
Cheney Lynne Ryan
Chung Connie Ryan
Clarett Maurice Ryan
Clay Andrew Dice Ryan
Corso Lee Ryan
Depardieu Gerard Ryan
Diamond Dustin Ryan
DMX Ryan
Electra Carmen Ryan
Ford Harrison Ryan
Gingrich Newt Ryan
Hoffman Dustin Ryan
Jackson Randy Ryan
Jackson Tito Ryan
Lewis Richard Ryan
Marin Cheech Ryan
McVie Christine Ryan
Michaels Brett Ryan
Orr Bobby Ryan
Osbourne Sharon Ryan
Osbourne Super Dave Ryan
Oz Frank Ryan
Page Diamond Dallas Ryan
Parcells Bill Ryan
Pastrana Travis Ryan
Piven Jeremy Ryan
Prince Charles Ryan
Ramsey John Bennett Ryan
Rodman Dennis Ryan
Roker Al Ryan
Rose Axl Ryan
Rose Pete Ryan
Rourke Mickey Ryan
Selig Bud Ryan
Trebek Alex Ryan
Vermeil Dick Ryan
Weiner Anthony Ryan
West Kanye Ryan
X-Pac Ryan
Zuckerman Mort Ryan
Antrobus John Sam
Barnes Leroy Nicky Sam
Benton Robert Sam
Berry Raymond Sam
Blume Judy Sam
Breyer Stephen Sam
Cobbs Bill Sam
Cosby Bill Sam
Ditka Mike Sam
Dole Bob Sam
Fontaine Just Sam
Gehry Frank Sam
Getty Gordon Sam
Goldman Robert Bo Sam
Grassley Chuck Sam
Grimes Martha Sam
Hagerthy Ron Sam
Hatch Orrin Sam
Herd Richard Sam
Herman Jerry Sam
Hill Jack Sam
Hoest Bunny Sam
Hull Bobby Sam
Isaacs Jeremy Sam
Jackson Katherine Sam
Jaffrey Madhur Sam
Jofre Eder Sam
Jones Parnelli Sam
Jones Tom Sam
Knight Bobby Sam
Koch Charles Sam
Kopell Bernie Sam
Kotcheff Ted Sam
Krassner Paul Sam
Lawrence Carol Sam
le Carre John Sam
Lester Richard Sam
Lewis Sylvia Sam
Madoff Bernie Sam
McCullough David Sam
McGrath Bob Sam
Miles Sylvia Sam
Moore Lenny Sam
Morgan Jaye P. Sam
Schlatter George Sam
Troell Jan Sam
Tutu Desmond Sam
Wilson Mary Louise Sam
Winkler Irwin Sam
Wolfe Gene Sam
Andretti John Sarah
Ballard Kaye Sarah
Bentley Lisa Sarah
Binzer Shifty Shellshock Sarah
Blumenthal W. Michael Sarah
Boers Terry Sarah
Bracknell Leah Sarah
Brigance OJ Sarah
Carter Rosalynn Sarah
Carter Terry Sarah
de Havilland Olivia Sarah
Flores Travis Sarah
Grant Bud Sarah
Gregg Forrest Sarah
Guitar Bonnie Sarah
Hayes Wade Sarah
Hoffman Elizabeth Sarah
Hollings Ernest Sarah
Iacocca Lee Sarah
Johns Glynis Sarah
Johnson Katherine Sarah
Kuhn Mickey Sarah
Levy Marv Sarah
Lindsay Ted Sarah
Lombardo Joey the Clown Sarah
Lujack Johnny Sarah
Marinovich Todd Sarah
McClellan Gerald Sarah
McCord Jr. James Sarah
McGuire Biff Sarah
Merwin W.S. Sarah
Mubarak Hosni Sarah
O’Callaghan Gareth Sarah
Otto Jim Sarah
Packwood Bob Sarah
Pennebaker D.A. Sarah
Perry William Refrigerator Sarah
Pointer Priscilla Sarah
Presle Micheline Sarah
Ronstadt Linda Sarah
Ross Rick Sarah
Saunders Nancy Sarah
Schull Rebecca Sarah
Sellars Elizabeth Sarah
Sister Jean Sarah
Spencer Danielle Sarah
Stobbs Alex Sarah
Trippi Charley Sarah
Williams Montel Sarah
Yastrzemski Carl Sarah
Ahmadinejad Mahmoud Sean
Al-Assad Bashar Sean
al-Baghdadi Abu Bakr Sean
Baio Scott Sean
Baker James Sean
Bonds Barry Sean
Bowman Scotty Sean
Bradley Bill Sean
Burris Roland Sean
Busey Gary Sean
Butkis Dick Sean
Carradine Keith Sean
Castro Raul Sean
Culkin Macauley Sean
Earnhardt Jr. Dale Sean
Echeverria Luis Sean
Edwards Carl Sean
Ferrigno Lou Sean
Goodman John Sean
Gorbachev Mikhail Sean
Gordon Jeff Sean
Hall Michael C. Sean
Hastert Dennis Sean
Jones James Earl Sean
Kardashian Khloe Sean
Kardashian Kourtney Sean
Limbaugh Rush Sean
Lovell Jim Sean
Madden John Sean
Martin George R.R. Sean
Martinez Eugenio Sean
McKenzie Fay Sean
Moore Michael Sean
Morrison Dorothy Sean
Mr. T Sean
O’Donnell Rosie Sean
Olsen Ashley Sean
Olsen Mary-Kate Sean
Patrick Danica Sean
Prince Philip Sean
Reinsdorf Jerry Sean
Rumsfeld Donald Sean
Ryan George Sean
Salman of Saudi Arabia Sean
Trump Jr. Donald Sean
Vanderbilt Gloria Sean
VelJohnson Reginald Sean
Williams John Sean
Wright Patricia Sean
Yushchenko Viktor Sean
Abdullah the Butcher Skeides
Anderson Louie Skeides
Assange Julian Skeides
Atlas Tony Skeides
Baumgartner Felix Skeides
Bieber Justin Skeides
Bowe Riddick Skeides
Carlos the Jackal Skeides
Christie Chris Skeides
Coleman Ronnie Skeides
Conway Kellyanne Skeides
Conway Tim Skeides
Coppola Francis Ford Skeides
Daly John Skeides
Dawson Len Skeides
Donahue Phil Skeides
Fieri Guy Skeides
Freeman Morgan Skeides
Gallagher Skeides
Hutton Lauren Skeides
Jackson LaToya Skeides
Jolie Angelina Skeides
Jurgensen Sonny Skeides
Kanji II Wakanohana Skeides
Kardashian Rob Skeides
King Albert II Skeides
LaBeouf Shia Skeides
Luger Lex Skeides
Magic Dick Skeides
McCarver Tim Skeides
McConnell Mitch Skeides
Minogue Kylie Skeides
Neville Aaron Skeides
Nolte Nick Skeides
Queen Margrethe II Skeides
Redgrave Vanessa Skeides
Sandusky Jerry Skeides
Simmons Richard Skeides
Squibb June Skeides
Stadler Craig Skeides
Tagliabue Paul Skeides
Testaverde Vinny Skeides
Trevino Lee Skeides
Unser Sr. Al Skeides
Valli Frankie Skeides
Walters Barbara Skeides
White Ron Skeides
Windham Barry Skeides
Zeta Jones Catherine Skeides
Zoeller Fuzzy Skeides

Ray “Eye Patch” Sawyer! Last Death!

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As ’70s looking a band as existed

Before we struck midnight here in Chicago yesterday I saw that Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show singer Ray “Eye Patch” Sawyer made his final Rolling Stone cover, at the age of 81! While not the band’s consistent lead singer – that would be Dennis Locorriere – or playing a significant instrument, Sawyer was undoubtedly the most recognizable member of the band, with his cowboy hat and eye patch, having been half-blinded in a car accident. He was the lead singer on Dr. Hook’s biggest hit, “The Cover of Rolling Stone,” while also contributing vocals on many of the band’s other hits, such as “Sylvia’s Mother,” “Carry Me Carrie,” and “Roland the Roadie and Gertrude the Groupie.”

And Kosmala scores the last tally of the year, with 29 points on Sawyer pushing him over the century mark for the fifth time. Well done!

Working through the keepers today, will get something posted soon. Thanks for a fun 2018, folks!

June Whitfield and Don Lusk!

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British actress June Whitfield and animator Don Lusk snuck out the door before 2018 came to close this week, at ages 93 and 105, respectively! Whitfield is probably best known for her roles on Absolutely Fabulous, Last of the Summer Wine, and Only Fools and Horses’ spin-off The Green Green Grass. Lusk was a longtime Disney animator, working on the likes of Pinocchio, Fantasia, Peter Pan, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty, before branching off into TV specials and series, primarily the Peanuts cartoons of the 1970s.

Kristin M. scores her 11th death of the year and moves up to fifth overall with the 17 points on Whitfield, while Dondos becomes the first team to score 20 deaths in a single year, picking up five points on Lusk. Well done!

You both kept these folks for next year, so if you want to replace them in your keepers you can do that today, otherwise they’ll come after the draft.


Donald Moffat!

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Actor Donald Moffat assumed the awesome responsibility of fictional command for the last time this week, at the age of 87! In a lengthy career littered with portrayals of a variety of judges and military men, Moffat may be best remembered for his work as Vice President Lyndon Baines Johnson in The Right Stuff and the corrupt-ish President Bennett in Harrison Ford’s second go-around as Jack Ryan (“How dare you, sir!”) in Clear and Present Danger. But Moffat is rocking well over a hundred credits, including roles in The Thing, Regarding Henry, 61*, The West Wing, License to Kill, and The Unbearable Lightness of Being.

And Mike Walsh reaches three deaths in a year for the first time since 2015! The resurgence is upon us! These 23 points for Moffat slide him up a few spots in the overall, and maybe kick that momentum into overdrive for 2019! Well done!

Replacement pick due by next Friday!

Penny Marshall!

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Director and actress Penny Marshall made her dreams come true for the last time this week, at the age of 75! Best known for her Golden Globe nominated work as Ms. DeFazio on ABC’s long running Laverne & Shirley, Marshall made the neat transition to directing, helming the likes of Best Picture Oscar nominee Awakenings, the first female directed film to gross over $100 million – Big (also snagging Best Screenplay and Best Actor nominations), and the best baseball movie of all time – A League of Their Own. A big basketball fan, Marshall’s last project is a documentary about international diplomat/Hall of Famer Dennis Rodman, currently in post-production.

And Nick M. scores his third death of the year, moving him up a few spots overall and – more importantly – qualifying him for the batting title (which requires a minimum of three deaths). I don’t comment on year end awards often during the season, but batting title has been a quietly amazing contest this year, and Nick is now squarely in that race. Only 12 days remaining in Year 12! Exciting!

Replacement pick due by next Wednesday!

Emails about keepers and draft dates coming soon!