Aaron Hernandez!

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There’s a popular Facebook post going around where you take your last text message or a recent status and add the words “And then the murders began,” just to see how these words make everything more interesting. I would hereby like to submit my version for review:

Tight end Aaron Hernandez played his college ball at the University of Florida from 2007 to 2009, capping his junior year by leading the Gators in receptions in their victorious BCS Championship game over Oklahoma and winning the John Mackey Award as the nation’s best tight end. He was drafted by the New England Patriots, where he played for three seasons, including in their losing Super Bowl XLVI campaign, and caught for nearly 2,000 yards and 18 touchdowns in total by the end of the 2012 season. And then the murders began.

(Okay, in fairness, he was implicated in some shootings prior to this point, but the shootings that directly brought about the untimely end of his career and life took place afterward. Some journalistic integrity on display here, for a change!)

And Mike M. is the big recipient today, raking down 83 points and jumping into second overall! Hernandez occupied a spot on Mike’s team for four years now (longer than he played for the Gators or the Pats, incidentally), and cashed out with the huge score today. The Holloway Division occupying the top two spots here in the early going! Well done, Holloway!

Replacement pick due by next Wednesday!

Clifton James!

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Character actor Clifton James bumbled his way through his last Southern-fried case last week, at the age of 96! The WWII veteran and Oregon native James was often cast as stereotypical Deep South sheriffs and lawyers, most memorably as J.W. Pepper in the James Bond films Live and Let Die and The Man With the Golden Gun, but also in such varied films and TV shows as Superman II, Silver Streak, Cool Hand Luke, Eight Men Out, The Untouchables, Lone Star, The Dukes of Hazzard, and The A-Team. Also, in a story that may only interest me, James was included in the plans for the increasingly infamous film adaptation of Old Soldiers, from which no fewer than five of the cast members died before it got in front of the cameras – Doris Roberts, Hugh O’Brian, Mickey Rooney, James Best, and now Clifton. Time to shut that baby down for good, folks!

And Kevin snags his second death of the year, the 14 points on James jumping him to the top of the Delver! Well done!

Replacement pick due by next Tuesday!

Dan Rooney!

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“Suck it, Vikings,” Rooney was quoted as saying.

Pittsburgh Steelers chairman and Pro Football Hall of Famer Dan Rooney hoisted the Lombardi Trophy for the last time yesterday, at the age of 84! Taking over the day-to-day operation of the team in 1969 from his legendary father Art, Rooney brought in Chuck Noll to coach, drafted Mean Joe Greene, Terry Bradshaw, Franco Harris, Lynn Swann, John Stallworth, won four championships in six seasons, elected to the Hall of Fame in 2000, and won two more championships with Roethlisomething! Solid football career! He was also randomly named as the U.S. Ambassador to Ireland in 2009! What? I know! Odd!

And the Buonins extend their lead with a fourth death and 26 points on Rooney! Their career best year keeps on rolling! Well done!

Replacement pick due by next Friday!

Dorothy Mengering Letterman!

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Dave’s Mom Dorothy sent in her final Olympic report this week, at the age of 95! Dorothy Mengering was a frequent guest on Late Night and The Late Show, first as a call-in guest and later doing remote segments, such as traveling to Norway, Japan, and Utah to provide Olympic coverage in ’94, ’98, and ’02, respectively. She would also pop up, normally around holidays, and banter through bits like “Guess Mom’s Pies.” Dave’s Mom, everybody!

And another long time Munchak team member (and frequent Late Show guest) has checked out, with the eight-year Dorothy tossing 15 points his way, following Rickles’ 20 five days ago! Well done!

Replacement pick due by next Wednesday!

Don Rickles!

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Mr. Warmth himself, Don Rickles, delivered his last withering put down to you dumb hockey pucks today, at the age of 90! Rickles nightclub routine consisted mainly of insults and jibes at the audience and the rich and famous alike, making him a favorite of Frank Sinatra and Johnny Carson, both of whom he would credit effusively for his lengthy career. His 100+ appearances on the Tonight Show sparked some of the show’s all-time classic moments, such as Johnny hurling him into a Japanese bath. His acting career stretched across seven decades, including roles both comedic and dramatic in such films and TV series as Casino, the Toy Story movies as Mr. Potato Head, Get Smart, The Larry Sanders Show, Murphy Brown, his starring role as C.P.O. Sharkey on NBC, and appearing opposite his best friend Bob Newhart on the latter’s second hit sitcom, Newhart. Here is a taste of his work from the Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts:

And the second longest tenured member on Munchak’s team kicks out 20 points today, after nine years on the squad! Only Monty Hall has been there longer. Rickles was taken in every draft – the fourth such person to leave us this year – and is Munchak’s first score of ’17, making the Wright the first division with everyone on the board! Only four folks left with zero! Exciting!

Replacement pick due by next Thursday!

Darlene Cates!

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Actress Darlene Cates got out of the house for the last time today, at the age of 69! Cates is best known for her role as the title character’s mother in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. The screenwriter first saw Cates on a daytime talk show episode tastefully titled “Too Heavy to Leave Their House,” and offered her a role in the film. Cates had a lifelong battle with her weight, dropping literally hundreds of pounds in recent years after numerous health issues. She also appeared in a number of short films and television shows, including Picket Fences and Touched by an Angel.

And the commissioner is on the move! My second death in the past week slides me up to third overall, with 41 points on my five-year team member Cates. It’s been a slower start than in recent years for the commish, but judging by recent results, I may still have a competitive squad after all.

Replacement pick due by next Tuesday!

Jean Rouverol!

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Screenwriter and actress Jean Rouverol refused to name names for the last time this weekend, at the age of 100! Rouverol appeared in a number of films in the 1930s, most notably W.C. Fields’ It’s a Gift and Stage Door, before transitioning full time to script writing. She and her husband (American Communist Party members) avoided subpoena from HUAC by moving the family to Mexico in the 50’s, becoming subsequently blackballed, during which time she continued to get scripts made through WGA friends. She would later serve on the Writer’s Guild’s board of directors, and was a head writer on Guiding Light for a time in the 70’s. Okay!

And Kristen G. lands a third death here in the early going of Eleven! These ten points move her up a bunch of spots toward the middle of the pack overall, and jump her up a place in the Delver! Nice work!