Rev. Billy Graham!

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12 Year Man and all-around holy mouthpiece, the Reverend Billy Graham inquired as to whether you’d heard the good news for the last time today, at the ripe old age of 99! Not to be confused with wrestling legend Superstar Billy Graham (or any other wrestler for that matter), the reverend was arguably the most successful and most popular televangelist of the 20th century, wrangling the ear of presidents and world leaders, while dropping the atomic elbow of righteousness right into the solar plexus of ne’er-do-wells. His longevity and reach influenced thousands in attendance, and millions around the world, creating a legion of new disciples, a regular Novitiate World Order, or NWO, if you will. And even though religion can be a sticky subject, and, you know, tends to ruin a lot of daily life for the religious and non-religious alike, I think he meant well?

And Capone is the final stop on Rev. Graham’s Death Pool crusade! A full 12 year figure in our pool, Graham bounced between many teams in his run – Angie in ’07 & ’08, the commissioner’s team in ’09, Munchak in ’10, Denis for a year, three more with Angie’s combo Buonins team, and one with Jason, before landing at Capone’s doorstep with the good news in hand in 2016. Eleven points is eleven points for Capone’s first score of the year! Well done!

Replacement pick is due by next Wednesday!


Lassie Lou Ahern!

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Our Gang’s all here! Fast Company (1924)

Early Our Gang child actress Lassie Lou Ahern palled around with Sunshine Sammy and friends for the last time this weekend, at the age of 97! Ahern was the last surviving member of the silent, Pathé version of Hal Roach’s kid comedies of the 1920’s/30’s/40’s, appearing in a handful of shorts opposite the likes of popular Our Gang-ers Farina, Pineapple, Mary Komman, and Dinah the Mule – this was years before some of the better known characters came into the group, such as Spanky, Stymie, and Alfalfa. Ahern’s appearances stretch as far back as Derby Day, the 19th short released in November of 1923! 95th anniversary viewing party at my place this fall! She continued acting in bit parts into the 1940’s, in films such as Uncle Tom’s Cabin and Gaslight, before a multi-decade hiatus broken by guest shots on shows like Love, American Style and The Odd Couple in the ’70s. Nice longevity, Lassie Lou!

And Team Dondos pulls down their third of the year so far – 13 points on Ahern moving into a points tie for third! Nicely done!

Replacement pick due by next Monday!

Marty Allen!

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Comedian Marty Allen said hello dere for the last time yesterday, at the age of 95! As a member of numerous comedy teams – most notably Allen & Rossi with Steve Rossi, Marty made thousands of live appearances and hundreds of guest shots on game shows, dramas, and sitcoms, including Hollywood Squares, Password, The Big Valley, Benson, and The Super Mario Bros Super Show! He also popped up in many films, made for TV and theatrical, such as Cannonball Run II and my favorite movie sub-genre, films with titles that double as sentences, in Murder Can Hurt You! He continued performing live, touring and in Las Vegas, right up to this year, with his co-star and wife, singer Karon Blackwell. His catchphrase, “Hello Dere,” served as the name of various tours, specials, and events Allen performed in for virtually his entire career.

And Sarah is off to an incredible start, nabbing her fourth death in six weeks and hitting triple digits already, for the ninth year in a row! Nicely done!

Replacement picks will be due next Tuesday, for everybody! Emailing now!

John Gavin and Vic Damone!

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Former Screen Actors Guild president John Gavin and wildly popular crooner Vic Damone narrowly missed out on huge roles awarded to other actors for the last time this weekend, at age 86 and 89, respectively! Gavin’s later political work, as Ambassador to Mexico under Hollywood pal Ronald Reagan, did little to overshadow his solid film resume, appearing in such classics and near-classics as Spartacus (as Julius Caesar, no less!), Psycho (as Sam Loomis, no less!), and Thoroughly Modern Millie (but not as Millie!). Damone had a string of top ten hits, including “I Have But One Heart,” “You’re Breaking My Heart,” “My Heart Cries For You,” “Here in My Heart,” and other non-cardiac related tunes. He also appeared in a few movies and TV shows, the only one I can recall seeing is the TV adaptation of A Christmas Carol filmed as part of The Alcoa Hour titled The Stingiest Man in Town, starring Basil Rathbone as Scrooge, and Damone as the younger version of this same Scrooge. It’s fine. Damone and Gavin famously both almost landed huge movie roles in the early 1970s – Damone passing on the part of the Johnny Fontane in The Godfather (supposedly due to his friendship with Sinatra), and Gavin being passed over at the last minute to play James Bond in Diamonds are Forever (upon George Lazenby’s backing out) and again two years later for Live and Let Die (when the producers decided they didn’t want a yankee in the role). Ah, what could have been!

And Kristin M. is on the board for the first time this year, scoring 24 points for almost-Bond, while Bats picks up his second score in as many months, 21 points for almost-Fontane! Nice work, folks!

All picks are in! The call for replacements will go out today!

John Perry Barlow!

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Poet, lyricist, and all-around internet activist John Perry Barlow laid back in an old saloon with a peso in his hand for the last time this week, at the age of 70! A close friend of Bob Weir, Barlow would co-write a number of songs for Weir and The Grateful Dead, including “Mexicali Blues,” “Picasso Moon,” and “The Music Never Stopped.” He later co-founded the digital-rights group Electronic Frontier Foundation, and, despite being a self-proclaimed Republican, called Trump a “toxic asshole” on Facebook in 2016. Solid!

And the skip is back! Fielding a complete team for the second time in four years, Kosmala rakes down 40 points with his first of ’18, jumping to third overall here in the early going. Nice job!

We’ll be done with the draft this weekend, one way or the other, so get those replacement picks ready to go!

Louis Zorich and John Mahoney!

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NBC Must See TV fathers Louis Zorich and John Mahoney jumped into the final frontier with all that tossed salad and scrambled eggs this weekend, at ages 93 and 77, respectively! Zorich portrayed Paul’s father Burt Buchman on Mad About You for seven seasons, almost totally overlapping with the run Mahoney put together as the father of Frasier and Niles on Frasier, which lasted 11 years total. These shows aired together on Thursday and Tuesday nights frequently in the 90’s, often separated in the evening by your NewsRadios, your Just Shoot Mes, and your Something So Rights. Both had significant ties to the Chicago theater scene – transplant Mahoney a frequent Steppenwolf collaborator, while native Zorich attended the Goodman Theater School of Drama – and both had stage resumes as long as your exeunt. Zorich’s most notable non-Buchman screen appearances include 1971 Best Picture nominee Fiddler on the Roof, two years on the Golden Globe winning CBS comedy Brooklyn Bridge, and his seminal work as diner owner Pete in no lower than the fourth best Muppet film, The Muppets Take Manhattan. Mahoney’s non-Crane work includes classics like Say Anything, In the Line of Fire, Moonstruck, Barton Fink, Eight Men Out, and The American President (okay, “classics” might be a stretch for some of these). 

Those were the days!

And it is Wright division members and former champions both Munchak and Sarah pulling down their 2nd and 3rd deaths of the year with these NBC stars – 33 points for Mahoney moving Munchak to second overall, while nine-year team member Zorich snagged Sarah 17 points, extending her overall lead! Well done, folks!

The draft is going to end this week, so replacement picks could happen any day! Get ready!

Mort Walker!

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Cartoonist Mort Walker drew his last sight gag this weekend, at the age of 94! After selling some comics in college and working for Hallmark and the Saturday Evening Post, Walker created his most famous strip, Beetle Bailey, in 1950, which at its peak appeared in 50 countries to a readership of 200+ million every day. Walker worked on this strip for the next seven decades, as well as its very successful and also currently running spin-off Hi and Lois. Show of hands – was everyone aware Hi and Lois spun off from Beetle Bailey? Beetle is Lois’s brother! Huh! I guess I never read these close enough to pick up on it. Interesting!

And Mike M. scores his first of the year, 16 points for Walker getting him on the board. Nicely done!

Replacement picks still to come!